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Week ending: Saturday 2011 01 08


Location: Dhaka

Happy New Year!

ICA Bangladesh had another year in its glorious journey, with some notable accomplishments in the midst of various challenges. The team hopes the year 2011 will be prosperous. Three great projects - Phulki Street Children in Dhaka City, Ghoramara Village Project and the Terrorism Study Project, have contributed greatly to our human development.

Habib is working to enrich the website with 2010 achievements. 

Our Japanese intern, Ayano, left on 23rd December with a promise to work for us from wherever she is located.

Our colleague, Ripon, has met some company people in London and is exploring ways to raise funds for ICA projects in Bangladesh. He is also planning to visit ICA UK soon.

The Dhaka team had a meeting on January 7th., to go over the February organizational capacity building event, that they will discuss with Maria and Richard Maguire, when they arrive in Dhaka, the 2nd week of February. This included sharing some of the experiences of our neighbor, ICA Nepal.

Aziz had a Skype meeting on January 8th. with the Parekhs, the Hutchinsons, Tatwa and Shizuyo, to discuss the exciting Sub continental Community Development Study Tour Project.

Saif and Zaki are putting in a lot of effort to increase the funding base for ICA.

As a follow up of the community meeting on November 24th., the Chandpur team visited the community again on December 23rd. and 30th., to discuss the women's dressmaking course, the purchase of a sewing machine, the Rickshaw Project and the School Project. They launched the 2011 academic session with 2 classes - Grade 1 and Grade 2 - in the first week of January. 25 students have enrolled.

Zaki           admin@ica-bangladesh.org


Dear Friends and colleagues,

Thank you for the season greetings and God bless you so much for remembering me this season,  May God bless you, and a Happy New Year. Have a prosperous year of abundances and blessing as we continue to hear from all ICA's work in the world.

Keep up the Good work and the light of ICA's burning always.

Sophie Donde
from Kenya,


Location: Taipei Taiwan ROC

ICA Taiwan New Monthly ICAI Report Format and Categories.

Great year-end Thanksgiving-Christmas celebration with turkey and potluck with fifty or more of the eclectic ICA community.
Swirl of end of year programs in Shanghai and Taiwan.
Research on Theory-U with 8 colleagues, Dialogue on facilitators role in Corporate Social Responsibility.
Weekly Springboard study Earth in Mind by David Orr helpfully focuses on details to enable a possible sustainable world.
Prep for Taiwan PJD pilot in Feb.

ICAI Peer to Peer
Continued follow up with Nepal from Evelyn's Social Artistry, Imaginal Learning and PJD work
Larry talked with the ICAI Leadership Team and ICA UK, ICA US, ICA Japan this week setting up his trip to the US and Canada.
ToP Global Dialogue is re-energizing for the New Year.

How to make the Taiwan PJD appropriate.
How to explore PJD, Imaginal Learning, Social Artistry and new learnings from China, and Open Space, Dialogue and Theory U to integrate and adapt to make a difference in our work for inventing for the future.

Coming Activities
Welcoming the New Year with ICA team dialogues on what the future is calling for us to do and become and get calendar out for colleagues.

Larry's UN trip to the US plus TTN meeting and conversations with ICA USA, Canada and ICA Associates Canada.

Evelyn Kurihara Philbrook           joyful52@gmail.com


Location: Chicago IL

ICA-USA's International Initiatives office completed and disseminated ICA HIVAIDS Prevention Initiative in collaboration with long time AIDSHIV worker Louise Singleton.  The 48 page report documents the past ten years of AIDSHIV work and programs implemented by ICAs around the globe and their partner organizations.  The report will be available on the ICA-USA's website within the next month.

The International Initiatives office has also started a new series titled Here and There. The series aims to provide a platform for those who are interested in dialoguing about how ICA-USA can responsibly take our local programs in to the global arena. 

Toward the end of December, Pamela Bergdall spoke on global sustainability, and future topics include Early Childhood Development and Chronic Disease and Self-Management.

Seva Gandhi           sgandhi@ica-usa.org

ICAI Leadership Team:

Leadership team has met three times through skype, connecting with all ICA's again to understand the peer to peer actions that ICA's are working on. 

Working with ICA Canada to take over some of the admin functions of ICAI. 

Working with the team of virtual facilitators to establish a system for GA online conversations.

Peer-to-Peer- Cross ICA Spanish speaking group had two conversations on cooperation,

ICA Canada launching a Community Development Certification initiative,

Conversations with ICA Japan and UK Concerns - Finalizing the indebtedness of ICAI and making sure we have cash flow to handle it. 

How to make peer to peer really work with leadership team. 

Working with ICA's to develop how peer to peer can work effectively, organizing the GA gatherings online, finalizing transition to new support system.

Larry Philbrook           larry@icatw.com