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Week ending: Saturday 2010 11 27



Continuing to develop the NETWORK Organisation
I have only recently returned from India, having attended the Global Forum and GA meeting, and wanted to put a note on the Global Buzz.

The week of planning in Talegaon was intense, reflective, painful at times, exhilarating, and highly creative.  Most importantly the model which has emerged, is owned by the ICAs (those present physically and virtually).  It is now dependent on the Peer to Peer relationships between ICAs and carrying out of various roles. The elected global Leadership Team will support this process. The Team has put together a very comprehensive report.

It has been an amazing journey we have all been on, but rewarding, in this consensus, symbolised on 26th October, 2010 in India. Before and after this GF/GA, I spent sustained time networking with several colleagues. 

  • In Malaysia, John and Ann Epps and I re-engaged in profound conversation about the future. They participated in the virtual meetings during the GF/GA.
  • In Talegaon, Isabel del Maza, our wonderful colleague from Chile, and I got to know each other through sharing a room, and developed a deeper appreciation for the tremendous journey ICA Chile is on.
  • Nan Hudson (ICA Canada) and I spent 2 days in Goa, on the beach, getting to know each other, further understanding our common mission and envisioning the future! 
  • In Pune, Shankar and Renuka Jadhav and I spent significant time discussing the implications of our recent meeting
  • In Nasik, Vinod and Kamala Parekh and I had an incredible time catching up, renewing some important dialogues, and floating a number of balloons re the future!

Robyn Hutchinson           rjhutchinson@optusnet.com.au


Location: Nepal

Expanding Activities of ICA Nepal
The month of November was very busy for the staff and consultants of ICA Nepal. ICA Nepal carried out a series of activities regarding training, facilitation, and community development. In two different training sessions on Social Artistry Leadership, there were 72 participants altogether. Janet Sanders and Evelyn Philbrook facilitated the sessions.

ICA also organized a 2 day long 2nd National Summit on Social Artistry, in which there were 27 participants from various parts of the country. Participants who attended SA training before, or carried out trim tab activities, attended the Summit.

Participants in the SA Training
Participants in Advanced Training

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ICA Nepal also organized a 7 day long program on, International Training on Capacity Building, in which 18 participants were present, among them 3 were from Bangladesh. At present 48 participants are regularly attending the 3 months and 6 months long training. Many of them are connected to the students of Western Illinois University through various social networking tools.

The ICA Nepal team is also working with ICA Japan on developing a peace building proposal. A team of ICA Nepal staff is busy in the far western region of Nepal constructing hundreds of toilets, improved cook stoves and wash basins.

On Nov. 22nd. ICA Nepal organized a meeting regarding the 2012 Conference in which 25 participants were present. The conference team will be sharing the draft brochure of the conference by early next month. It is planned that from early next year, a secretariat will be established at the ICA Nepal office to coordinate all conference related activities.

On Nov. 27th. ICA Nepal sponsored a saving and credit group in Changu Narayan and organized the general assembly. We have learned, that after teaming up with Rs.50, 7 to 8 years ago, there have been more than 20,300,000 transactions. ICA Nepal Program Manager, Mr. Dhruba B. Joshi and Surendra Bhandari, attended the assembly and indicated their commitment to continue with the community development activities in the area.  In a meeting organized this week, ICA Nepal staff and well wishers, also agreed to establish a similar co-op in the Babarmahal area, targeting youth empowerment activities.

Tatwa P. Timsina Executive Chairman           ica@icanep.wlink.com.np