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Week ending: Saturday 2010 11 13


Location: Dhaka

The Facilitation team held a faculty meeting on Friday. The Dhaka team also had a meeting to discuss the basic education and life skills training curriculum with regard to the Street Children Project. This followed a visit and observation by our intern, Ayano. Naimul and Ayano visited the Street Children Project Learning Center on the same day.

Aziz had a phone meeting with the Dhaka and Chandpur teams.

Habib, Manik, and Mizan are working on additional documentation for the new school building. Mizan and Manik have already submitted the initial documents to the District Administration as per the agreement for completion of the building. As they are now on Eid vacation, they are setting the Community Visioning and Action meeting with Zaki, Naimul and Ayano for after Eid, on November 25 .

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Location: Canada

Jo Nelson completed public consultations in another of the James Bay Cree communities. Bill Staples, John Miller, Duncan Holmes and Jo Nelson have all facilitated workshops in the strategic planning process for the U of T faculty of Ed.  Jo and Duncan led the group in the first pull together of the responses from focus groups.  John Miller did another workshop for Toronto's Diverse City initiative.Bill Staples is teaching Facilitating Conciliation in Minneapolis.John Miller and Jerry Mings are in Ottawa doing professional facilitator certification with IAF.Our 2 days with Sam Kaner is leading us to a new wave in developing our facilitation, consultation, training practice to form longer term relationships with organizations. We shared consulting models and all became extremely excited about the potential for substantial impact in the are of whole systems change leading the the formation of a culture of participation.

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The ICAI Leadership Team had a second skype conference to help prepare the report from India and to assist the team going to Montreal to close the secretariat office.

The Sichuan Elementary School team met to plan their second Imaginal Learning course now that the school has been rebuilt after being destroyed by an earthquake.

We held a GFM 2 Workshop course with 12 participants.

PJD research preparation continued and Dick and Evelyn shared with the Truth About Life Group.

Evelyn left for Nepal to continue her research on globalizing the Profound Journey Dialogue. She has been working with Jan Sanders from Canada and Tatwa and his team.  They will do work with Social Artistry and Imaginal Learning as part of long term training which started this past week in Nepal.

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