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Week ending: Saturday 2010 10 30



ICA networks provide a bounty of resources

Sydney-based ICA member Lucy Hobgood-Brown draws on the skills and resources of many ICA colleagues as she manages projects in Queensland (Australia), China, the Philippines and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The community development consultant maintains a small office where project management and travel needs to support those projects are coordinated. Multiple cross cultural projects might result in chaos sometimes, Lucy admits, were it not for the help of fellow ICA member Kiran Hutchinson.

ICA colleagues Elaine and John Telford have shared their years of experience  working with indigenous Australian communities, to help, as Lucy and Kiran work with an Australian mining company, that has signed a Native Title Agreement with an indigenous Australian community in Queensland. “The Telfords have been so generous with their input,” Lucy says. “It’s really helped expedite my learning curve.”

ICA colleagues including Robyn Hutchinson and Maria Maguire also add rich diversity to another of Lucy’s networks, the Sydney Development Circle (SDC). This non-profit group is open to anyone seeking mentoring or working in local, regional or international community development or international aid. Modeled on the Facilitators Network, an initiative begun in Sydney by Richard and Maria Maguire in 1992, SDC now has more than 200 members and recently helped cheer on the establishment of a new sister network, the Brisbane Development Circle. Members meet monthly for professional development programs, and are also able to post resources for peers online: http://sdc.groupsite.com and www.TheDevelopmentCircle.com.au.  

Not long ago, Lucy travelled to Taipei to raise awareness about capacity building projects underway in the DRC and to enlist the help of Rotary clubs in the area. While there, long time ICA member Dick West provided pro bono strategic planning facilitation for the non-profit organisation that Lucy co-founded, HandUp Congo www.handupcongo.org.  “We are blessed with a bounty of highly skilled, generous ICA members all over the world,” Lucy points out. “What a difference it makes to me, when I’m about to jump in a new direction – ICA helps give me wings to fly!” Lucy may be contacted on lucy@claypartners.com.

Building communities, bridging continents with Rotary

A new Rotary Club in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been chartered, and will provide a capacity building framework for grassroots NGO’s in the Equatorial Province. The club received collegial support from Rotarians in the USA, Australia and Taiwan, facilitated with the help of Sydney-based ICA member and Rotarian Lucy Hobgood-Brown (who grew up in the DRC and who co-founded a small non-profit, HandUp Congo).   The initiative represents Rotary International’s slogan: building communities, bridging continents.
Verona Edelstein, a former Canadian ambassador to Congo, and member of the Vancouver Rotary,  has said, “Our governments are doing very, very little to help the Congolese people. Because the environment is difficult, they work elsewhere, which is why we Rotarians should work in the Congo.”

Lucy agrees that the DRC is a challenging country to work in for many reasons. It is the size of Western Europe, with a very weak infrastructure, after years of weak and corrupt leadership, and an ongoing conflict in the northeast that has been labelled Africa’s World War. “That’s why having Congolese Rotarians, willing to facilitate sustainable development projects in remote areas, is going to be energising to Rotary clubs around the world. As an example, two New South Wales Australia clubs are holding fundraisers for Congo projects in February 2011.  Lucy travels to the DRC once a year, and manages projects there from her Sydney base.

Projects may be viewed on www.handupcongo.org or www.claypartners.com. Anyone interested in learning more about the Rotary events, or about community development projects in the DRC,  may contact Lucy on lucy@claypartners.com.

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Location: Lima

On Monday a colleague sent us an invitation with a challenge, to apply for a grant of up to 300,000 US dollars, which fitted exactly with a project we are implementing with a group of communities in the Canete valley. The challenge was that we had only 6 days to submit this very complicated, 50 page grant application. The whole team worked together on the application all week, and on Saturday afternoon we had it completed. We sent it off with a brief celebration.  We think our prospects are good because our project fits so well with the grant specifications.

The grant calls for creating a demonstration Auto-Desarrollo, or Self-Development showcase, for a group of six communities in the heart of a majro river valley at an altitude of about 500 meters.The focus is on building a vibrant new local economy with enough businesses and small industries, to replace the large number of imports that come into the communities from factories in the cities. 

The families though poor will finance their own growth with savings circles that are already working very well.  We will train the leaders for this community effort, first in our 21 day school programme, and then further coach them, with support for demonstrations, basic training courses, and guidance on the best methods for tapping into local markets with fairs and events. 

In 18 months you'll be able to see over 250 family businesses, transforming 6 small villages, into vibrant communities.  We await the grant approval in December.

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