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Week ending: Saturday 2010 10 16


Location: Dhaka

The facilitation team had a ToP practice session on Sunday Oct 17th. with our Japanese intern Ayano taking part. Then after the practise session, our ICAB team had a meeting with regard to the street children, education and life skills training module. Also discussed at the meeting was the presentation for our country that Mr.A S M Saifullah, our GA representative, will be presenting later at the GA. Mr. Saifullah's airline ticket has been confirmed and he will be leaving in the early morning of Oct. 19th. He applied for his visa in September and expects to receive it by Oct.18th.

Ayano has been working hard this week reviewing ICA history, its mission and programmes, in Bangladesh and other countries.


ICA International:

Location: Montreal

October 16th is World Food Day.
The 2009 estimates of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) indicate that due in part to soaring food prices and the global financial crisis, the number of undernourished people topped 1 billion for the first time. Despite an expected decline – the first in 15 years – the 2010 estimates remain unacceptably high at a total of 925 million or 1 out of every 7 persons suffering from chronic hunger. This is not due to a lack of food. The world produces enough food to feed everyone. Many people suffer from chronic hunger not because of poor global harvests but because of food insecurity, that is they cannot afford to buy the food that is available nor do they have physical or social access to food.

The FAO launched the “1billionhungry” project in May 2010 to “blow the whistle” on hunger. FAO’s hope is if public and private sectors work together to alleviate poverty, end gender imbalance and improve access to safe food for all citizens, we can manage and improve food security.

On the occasion of World Food Day, let us unite to solve the critical problem of food insecurity and global hunger.