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Week ending: Saturday 2010 09 11


Location: Dhaka  Chandpur

Following his move from Toronto to Ottawa on August 30th., Aziz had a skype meeting on September 4th. with Maria and Richard, to discuss their visit to Bangladesh early next year. Before their visit, Aziz has planned a trip in December, for ICA Bangladesh team building and year-end audits and reports.

Facilitation and training task force members implemented a faculty training roster, following Duncan's, client development and facilitation conceptual session, on August 13th. They had already sat 2 days - August 27th. and September 3rd.

ICA Bangladesh members are celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr. The Chandpur team is planning to do two workshops - one with ICA staff and members, and another with the Ghoramara community. This is to discus ideas and strategies for the sustainability of the village school project in 2011. The school building is more than half completed now. See below.

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ICA Bangladesh has nominated Abdul Bari, Board member and founding member, and Habib, staff and founding member, both of ICA Bangladesh, for the ICA global forum and the ICA International, GA and Board Meeting delegation.

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Dear Friends,

Thank you for the Buzz. I am always honoured when you send this news to me. 

In Kenya we have had a good promulgation of our constitution and we have started to implement some of the laws. Kenyans are very happy and hope for the best. And thank you for bringing the ICA to Afica. I feel so good to hear that our light is still burning, reaching out to the world and fighting HIV. Bravo ICAs.

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Location: Chicago

Tenant Appreciation
ICA-USA and the Ecumenical Institute hosted all of its 4750 N. Sheridan Rd. nonprofit tenants and program staff to an Appreciation Lunch last month.

The parking lot was changed into a cheerfully tented space and a delicious bar-b-que chicken, pork and hamburger feast was donated by Johnny B’s Bar-B-Que, Inc. catering service. The nonprofit and social services that are provided within the building are so important to the Uptown residents and local participants in need.

ICA/EI understands the extraordinary work that is accomplished by the organizations in the building and how complex and demanding their jobs can be on a daily basis. 

Sojourners to be Welcomed in October and November
During the months of October and early November, ICA-USA is seeking Sojourners to work on the Global Archives Project. This is the second phase of the successful May Sojourners project. The intent of this project is to continue to take the basic steps necessary to create a digitized archive of the 170, five-drawer filing cabinets that contain documents, manuals, reports, course curriculum, letters, speeches, outlines, original songs/plays, publications, posters, pamphlets, meeting notes, photos, videos/audio tapes, and artifacts of the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) and the Ecumenical Institute (EI).

Arrangements are underway to have more file cabinets and materials currently stored in the basement of 4750 N. Sheridan Rd. moved to the sixth floor. The task in October will be a continuation of May. It is to sort through these materials in a systematic way and to transfer them to new acid-free files and cartons to be placed on appropriate archivist shelving.

It is our hope to have a minimum of six people working at any one time throughout the entire 45 days. We also hope that most Sojourners will commit at least one full week to the task or stay longer. We are planning a rich, but relatively light, community life consisting of discussion, study, and celebration throughout each week.  

Room and board for Sojourners during their stay is $40 a day. Interested?  Register online at www.ica-usa.org.

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