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Week ending: Saturday 2010 08 14



Richard and Maria Maguire attended a weekend training session in July offered by the Getup organisation. The training session aimed to prepare participants to raise public awareness of issues that both major political parties have avoided in the current national election campaign (elections are on 21 Aug): climate change, mental health and humane treatment of refugees and asylum seekers.  About 100 people attended the training, with representation from across Sydney and across all age groups. Getup was inspired by the MoveOn organisation in the US and now has a membership of about 380,000 in Australia (pop 21 million) and provides ways for people to get involved in public policy issues on a non-partisan basis.
The training was based on the work of Marshall Ganz of Harvard. It offered participants powerful ways to articulate and communicate their story of care for the world in a way that is both personal and socially significant.  It also invites others to tell their story and builds both consciousness and deeper human connections.  From the beginning we were struck by the very strong affirmation of values and approaches which the ICA has long used to formulate its purpose and programs. 
We were first encouraged to create a “story of self”-a 3 minute statement about something that challenged us, called for a choice and brought about some outcome.  It was amazing to us how this process facilitated our own story and those of others in a way that was both moving and revealing of their care. 
The second stage of the process was to tell the story of us, that is, the story of why you and others have joined together in some effort that reflects your values.  At the close of the training, the participants were invited to help organise the public information campaign, following up on plans they had made during the weekend, and we along with many others joined in to reach out to others.  We couldn’t help noting that many of our ToP course participants were also there, and we have been connected with some of them in this effort.
Finally we created the story of “Now” why “we” are taking an action and why this needs to be done.
We believe that others in our global movement would benefit greatly from learning about this approach.  Fortunately Marshall Ganz has put the whole course he teaches at Harvard about organizing on the web–free for anyone who wishes to learn it.  The address is http://isites.harvard.edu/icb/icb.do?keyword=k2139 . It includes both texts and videos.
Marshall Ganz’s work came out of his experience with the National Farm Workers and Caesar Chavez, a union organiser trained by Saul Alinsky--from whom the ICA learned some of its skills in community organising in the sixties.  This approach to organising also played a great role in the US during President Obama’s campaign and in other countries.  We will also be taking a similar training with the Sydney Alliance, a network of faith groups, community groups and unions, in a listening campaign for the coming year to identify shared concerns and values across Sydney and provide a basis for common action.  We feel that our movement has much to learn from this approach, and also much to give. It is a wonderful example of convergence.

RIchard           unfolding@smartchat.net.au


Location: Dhaka

ICA Bangladesh had a workshop session with Duncan from ICA Canada and ICA Associates on August 13th. The workshop agenda included how to build a client base and how to work with small community groups or NGOs.

Our terrorism study team conducted the third interview with Transperancy International.

Our Bangladesh Executive Director, followed by the Chairman of the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies of the University of Dhaka, and another terrorism expert, Professor and Chair of the Department of Politics and Government, Illinois State University, led the interview.

The Phulki project staff conducted a survey on the street children in Dhaka City. The Chandpur team went to the District Administration for the clearance of the school building construction.

Zaki           admin@ica-bangladesh.org


Location: Kathmandu

On Aug 13th. ICA Nepal convened its General Assembly in which about 50 members were present. The Assembly also selected a new office bearer for the coming two years which is as follows

1.Dr. Tatwa P. Timsina - Chairperson
2.Ms. Hasina Shrestha - Vice Chairperson
3.Mr. Kushendra B. Mahat - General Secretary
4.Mr. Mohan Karki - Treasurer
5.Mr. Juju Raj Tuladhar - Member 
6.Ms. Kesha K. Darji - Member
7.Ms. Dewaka Shrestha - Member
8.Mr. Krishna Ram Deupala - Member
9.Mr. Krishna Kunwar - Member
10.Ms. Januka Karki - Member
11.Mr. Suwarna Shrestha - Member

Most of the members are experienced and have worked with ICA for more than 5 years. During the Assembly, a presentation was made on the upcoming conference and the Global Meeting in Pune.

On Aug 13th. a Teaching Learning Community meeting was also conducted which was attended by all the participants who joined Social Artistry Leadership Training in Nepal.

This week, ICA Nepal also started a 6 months long intensive training aiming to develop 25 facilitators who will work for ICA Nepal in the future. The participants were selected by following strict criteria.

Atma Ram Timsina           ica@icanep.wlink.com.np


Location: Chicago

International Initiatives Program Update

Colleague Dick Alton and new staff member Seva Gandhi have been working to reconnect with ICAs around the globe.  In just a short time, they have begun to build relationships with ICAs in Bangladesh, Canada, Ghana, Kenya, Nepal, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, UK, Zambia and Zimbabwe. They have had successful collaboration dialogues with American Jewish World Service, UNDP Global Environmental Facilitate Small Grant Program (UNDP-GEF-SGP), Stanford University HIV/AIDS Positive Self Management Program (PSMP) and Rotary International.  Also, they are working on USAID registration and are developing an HIV/AIDS report from data collected from specific African ICAs.  A significant accomplishment is the establishment of a new consultancy contract with the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA). 

Local Recognition

ICA-USA’s historically significant building is located in the Chicago neighborhood of Uptown. Our beautiful and elaborately carved elevator doors were featured in the Uptown Chamber of Commerce’s new marketing material.

Karen Sims           ksims@ica-usa.org