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Week ending: Saturday 2010 07 10



Martina Chippindal, a ToP trained colleague in Perth, has been learning and teaching the narrative approach and integrating it into her work as a dietician. Through a questioning process similar to ORID, the narrative approach assists people in creating a more meaningful story of their life, by using their experiences as resources to make sense of their lives and to discern from their past what is useful to their present and future. One exercise is the “Tree of Life:” participants draw a tree representing their lives, with roots in their past, grounded in their social/physical environment, with a trunk of skills supporting their vision (the branches) that unfold in relation to others who matter to them (leaves), and offer the fruit of their achievements as gifts to others.  

This dialogical process is helpful for children as well as adults, and allows them to recognize their tree as part of a forest community, connected with others. This approach enables people to re-author their lives, moving away from feeling overpowered or victimized by problems and free to grow and develop. Most recently Martina prepared a workshop on “Questions that Go Beyond Information” for 72 participants as part of a conference on diabetes treatment. Unfortunately due to illness she was unable to complete the workshop, but looks forward to picking up this energizing work as soon as possible. 

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Location: Canada

Two full courses in our Toronto Training Centre.

Duncan Holmes taught Meetings That Work and Jerry Mings taught Group Facilitation. Many of the participants are part of our Professional Facilitator Program. It covers all of the competencies required for certification through IAF.

Wayne Nelson

ICA International:

Location: Montreal

On Wednesday the auditors visited the office to complete our annual financial audit, which kept Antsa very busy this week. The audit is a key component of the organization’s financial transparency and accountability.

This week Renée began planning how we will move forward with the grant we received for the Global Education and Youth Leadership Program. She also continued to work on the annual report.

Chelsea continued to prepare for the Major Groups-Led Workshop on UNFF. She designed the workshop banner and the event program, and continued to offer entry visa support to participants.

Lambert left for Accra, where he will continue with workshop preparations on-site.

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