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Week ending: Saturday 2010 06 26


Location: Bathurst, NSW

The town of Bathurst and Charles Sturt University, in Central West New South Wales, have been experiencing benefits of facilitation, including extensive use of ToP, in the past few years. In her official role as change facilitator for the university, Hedy Bryant has been facilitating a series of meetings on improving the students’ educational experience. This has already led to a number of initiatives to enhance official and informal communication, such as Student Central.  

She is also using her experiences from this work in a doctorate on “The Attributes of a Change Facilitator”. Hedy and other colleagues organised the 2008 conference of the Australasian Facilitation Network, one of whose results was the founding of the Central West Facilitators Network, which has been meeting monthly since then. The emphasis of the meetings is on sharing, especially demonstrating something regarding the members’ practice of facilitation.  Recent topics have included: “Icebreakers”, “Facilitating Social Change”, “Presencing” (based on Sharma’s work), and “Conversation Circles for Indigenous Women”.  The network plans to have a facilitation retreat in March 2011 on the topic “A Whole Person Approach to Facilitation”.

One dimension of social impact has been to team up with the Bathurst Climate Action Network for an afternoon introducing schoolchildren to gardening. Following a number of demonstrations, Hedy facilitated a workshop on how the children could carry through on what they had learned and support one another.  

RIchard           unfolding@smartchat.net.au


Location: Japan and Abroad

Global Partner Center
We finished the fiscal year in surprisingly great shape, thanks to abundant donations from Japan and abroad.  We have repaid loans that have a specific closure date, and now have begun to focus on the soft loans. Hurray!

Safe on first base!
Wayne went to the hospital Monday for about five days to have a large cyst removed from his lower jaw. He returns to help host Bill Staples and to pick up momentum and skills for our staff.

We received approval for another grant from JPF to take Emergency Reconstruction Aid again to Chile. Much dialogue has taken place on what next is needed, and many research workshops were completed by the Chile staff and partners. This round of aid begins with the team departing July 16. The Chile team will receive many goods and a shovel loader to help clear rubble.

Shizuyo and Yuka continue to do community development in Isinya, Kenya, aided by Skype and email on a daily basis. Maki and Shankar completed this quarter's work for the irrigation and dairy project, including continual work on enhancing community development practices.

The LENS International training, facilitation, and consulting team received bright new name cards and continued building the new website, aided by Bill Staples. The team expanded again to nine people and is excited to have the website ready to go on-line by the end of July. Our next facilitated consultation will be lead by Shizuyo Sato and Mr. Kitagaki on July 31st in Akita Prefecture. 

Wayne and Shizuyo           staff@icajapan.org


Location: Kathmandu

ICA Nepal facilitated two 5-day training sessions on Institutional Capacity Building involving 60 participants belonging to various projects of UNDP Nepal. The training included ToP and other related themes such as project development and fundraising, business development, etc. The participants represented 30 different organizations active in various parts of the country. 

Last week, we organised an income generation program targeting 50 rural women in the far eastern region of Nepal. Mrs. Jagadamba Pant facilitated the sessions and trained 50 women to make candles and incense and generate income by selling them in the local market.

Trainer demonstrating the session on candle making
Participants in candle and incense making training
Participating in the practical work

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ICA Nepal implemented its strategic planning in three different districts of Far Western Nepal. More than 600 people have joined adult literacy classes for the first time in their lives. Within 6 months they will be able to read and write. Similarly, they are also constructing low cost toilets with the help of ICA. ICA is one of the leading organizations working in this very remote area of Nepal. 

Through ICA Associates, we are also facilitating job-oriented training for more than 500 youths to assist them in securing meaningful employment.

ICA Nepal has moved its main office to a centrally located area with improved facilities and working space. Starting in July of this year, ICA Nepal will be hiring a number of staff, focusing for the conference and other ongoing activities.

Tatwa P. Timsina            ica@icanep.wlink.com.np


Location: Chicago

Re-energized International Program

Though ICA-USA has a rich history in international development, recent years have seen more of a domestic focus.  Based on discussions during our three-day International Initiatives Think Tank in March, it is now time for ICA to once again expand its horizons and re-engage internationally.

To that end, Seva Gandhi is now partnering with colleague Dick Alton to revitalize the ICA-USA international program. She has worked as a program assessor for War Child Canada in Gulu, Uganda and as a research assistant for the Center for Research on Health and Aging at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  Ms. Gandhi was also an intern for Reto Juvenil Internacional in San Jose, Costa Rica. She is currently a volunteer for Project Focus and has participated in multiple programs in Uganda. She has a six month contract to implement the plans created at the International Initiatives Think Tank.

Karen Sims           ksims@ica-usa.org

ICA International:

Location: Montreal

Last week Renée worked on the general appeal mail-out, the annual report and other general tasks. Chelsea produced a project report on the Tour to Transform Lives bike tour and contributed to the ongoing preparations for the MGI.

Antsa worked to finalize a number of major government reporting requirements.
We had a shortened work week to celebrate the National Holiday of Quebec on Thursday. This public holiday is held annually on June 24 to coincide with St. John the Baptist Day and celebrates Francophone culture.

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