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Week ending: Saturday 2010 06 12


Location: Dhaka

The Gabua Village Development Project volunteers met with women to discuss the dressmaking and income generation component of the program. They wrote a report on the socioeconomic status of the potential recipients of sewing machines.

Aziz had a Skype meeting with Maria and Richard on June 4 to discuss how ICA Bangladesh can apply Action Planning tools when preparing our 2010 activities. The ICAB team is now working on faculty training, developing a project brochure, and focusing on the practice and use of ToP in our meetings, planning and project implementation activities. 

The terrorism study project incorporated ToP methods when designing their field work and the study team expects to use the workshop method when concluding their field work. Aziz has contacted a number of local potential partners including the Arannayk Foundation and TIB. He has also contacted IDRF as well as organizations he visited in 2008. 

The ICAB team sent information to ICAI about their rickshaw Working Gift, to be included in a fundraising initiative for the occasion of Father's Day. ICA Bangladesh would like to express their gratitude to the TUC Japan for offering $2630 USD in support of the Phulki Project entitled Improving the Quality of Life of Street Children through Educational and Life Skills Training in Dhaka City. This contribution is the fourth project TUC Japan has supported. In the past they have contributed to a program providing education to 100 cyclone-affected orphaned children in Bagerhat District in 2007, to a program supporting 30 street children in Dhaka city in 2008, and to the school building in Chandpur District in 2009. The Phulki project has demonstrated great outcomes, and ICA Bangladesh encourages other ICAs and organizations to contribute to this effort, and enable the Phulki project to increase the number of youth they serve and to continue to develop the life skills component of the program.

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Location: Lima

We introduced our new 3-year Initiative for Community Self-Development last week, and this week have received verbal commitments for four programs and sent out detailed proposals for two. It is very gratifying to see that major financial powers are coming to understand that a solid response to climate change must begin at the local community level, and that to achieve significant change there must be a coordinated effort over a number of years in community after community after community. We now seem to be the right people in the right place with the right attitude and methods. Our staff is VERY excited!

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Location: Chicago, IL

May Archives Sojourners

During the month of May, ICA-USA was host to Sojourners who are working on the Global Archives Project. During the last week of May our volunteers were Rosemary Albright (Illinois), David Dunn (Denver), Todor Efremov (an international fellow from Macedonia from the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota), Sally Fenton (Illinois), Jan Sanders and Richard Sims Ontario, (Canada), David and Margaret Scott (Montana), Janice Ulangca (New York), and Randy and Mary Beth Williams (Texas).

During the first two weeks of June we are fortunate to have another fellow from the Humphrey Institute, Ms. Eka Kvakhadze, who is also joining the archives team. She currently serves as a director of the Local Government Information Center in Rustavi, Georgia, where she promotes bilateral communications between local government and the community through arranging public hearings, public awareness building activities, collaboration with the Regional Administration on planning issues, coordination capacity building activities, as well as managing the organizational activities of the center. She has extensive working experience in the field of public relations with international NGOs such as Eurasia Foundation, CARE International, and World Vision International.

In addition, on Thursdays, Sally Fenton and Rosemary Albright have offered their skills to work with Marge Philbrook and Pam Bergdall.

Class Projects for De Paul University Students

The College of Computing and Digital Media (CDM) at DePaul University has evolved into an inter-disciplinary college that is one of the largest of its kind in the nation. ICA-USA had two, concurrent, website class projects during the school year that ended June 4, 2010: 1) freshening up the website, including the addition of a social networking capacity; and 2) a new event registration system. Both projects were completed last week. Our board member, Danny Middleman PhD, is on the faculty at DePaul University.

Also, we are fortunate to have Mitchell Haeberle as a summer e-marketing and website intern. He is a recent graduate of DePaul University with a degree in Marketing.

Karen Sims

ICA International:

Location: Montreal

After the successful Tour to Transform Lives bike ride last Sunday, Chelsea spent time this week following up with participants, thanking them for their support and gathering feedback and suggestions for next year’s event. Photos from the Tour have been posted on the event’s website, at www.tourtotransform.org.  We are also selling t-shirts for $20. If you would like to support the event and purchase one, please email Chelsea at cmatheson@icai-members.org

On Tuesday, Michael and Lambert attended one day of the 16th International Economic Forum of the Americas. This four-day event, themed "Innovating to Succeed in a New Global Market," brought together more than 3000 of the world's leading policymakers and other stakeholders to address issues currently facing the environment, health care, energy and the global economy. ICA International has participated in this annual event for the past three years.

We are implementing an outreach campaign for Working Gifts this week, coordinated with Father’s Day, which will be celebrated on Sunday, June 20. We are distributing a press release to local media which highlights the Working Gifts program and promotes Working Gifts as a great way for families to honour their fathers.

As well, we continue to be busy with preparations for the MGI Forest Workshop. Among others things, this week we have been making travel arrangements for participants, assisting participants with their visa applications, and working through details of the workshop itinerary.

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