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Week ending: Saturday 2010 05 15



The ToP faculty team continues its preparation for establishing a Registered Training Organisation, in order to have ToP courses recognized nationally as fulfilling requirements for academic degrees and vocational certificates.   

We collaborated with ICA Bangladesh in reporting on programs for 2009 and in planning for courses and projects for the coming year. We also transferred contributions from ICA Australia, the Sydney Facilitators Network and ICA members, to ICA Bangladesh.  

The Maguires created a brochure explaining the science, effects, and needed actions for climate change, which will be distributed to the local community and statewide, with support from the Parramattta Climate Action Network.  

Fiona Christian traveled by minibus and truck with colleagues from the East Timorese village of Baucau to research transport and tourist accommodations. This is part of an effort to assist the villagers in their development of Baucau as a tourist destination, particularly for backpackers

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Location: Canada

John Miller, Jo Nelson and associate Doug Balsden taught our 6 day Art and Science of Participation course in Edmonton this week.

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Location: ICA WORLD


Most of our wonderful staff are overseas at the moment, and those here are waiting for Shizuyo's return from Kenya, where she is starting a follow-up program for JICA.  She reported two days ago that she had facilitated three workshops, and was currently engaged in the fourth.

Masaru is busy doing detailed finances for the second Chile Emergency Aid project. I was pleasantly surprised to find out on Friday that they were unable to spend all of the money we contributed, because the Chileans were providing up to 50 percent discounts on materials because of our mission. They facilitated three workshops and gathered much interest and enthusiasm among the participants in focusing on the future.  One man said that often when they get together, they tend to argue, but that they were very excited by the processes of our workshops.

Maki is preparing to leave for Pune, India, early next month.  We will miss her!

Edwin and Takako are still in Haiti struggling with customs clearance, a process which has been slowed given the large flows of goods following the earthquake. However, they have managed to distribute a good deal of aid despite the hold ups.


Our new website, which was created using the flexible WordPress open technology that facilitates easy updating and changes, is partially complete.  Watch for more news as it goes live next month!


We have been watching closely for a transformation that is about to happen.  We have had a breakthrough conversation which led us to realize that a possible transformational solution is about to unfold.  It is too early to release the path we saw which will unlock the way forward, so watch for more news!

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ICA International:

Location: Montreal

Staff were busy this week preparing content for the Network Exchange and the annual report. A reminder once again to those national ICAs that still have not submitted information for inclusion in the report to please do so as soon as possible.

Chelsea continued to prepare the ICA team for the Tour to Transform Lives, which is quickly approaching. To follow along as we get ready for this bike event, visit our blog at www.tourtotransform.org/blog.html.

Kimberley, our new Working Gifts program intern, worked on translating the Working Gifts website into French, which we hope to have online soon.  She is also developing a new marketing plan in French. Vanessa, our secretarial intern, finished her placement with us last week. She joined us for three weeks as part of her formal schooling, and, among other things, helped to catalogue and better organize our library materials, so that we can more effectively access our various print resources.

Michael and Lambert continued to work on preparations for the MGI Forest Workshop to be held in Ghana.

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