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Week ending: Saturday 2010 05 01



Emily Roynestad collaborated with David Jago to develop a ToP-centered communications and facilitation package for East Timorese Agricultural Extension workers, as part of an Agribusiness education program sponsored by the Timor l’Este. The work included extensive development via telephone and email, followed by two weeks of on-the-ground finalizing and teaching in early March. The models will be provided continuously from March through June. The package will finally be professionally translated in the local community language of Tetun and will be available for use in the future by ICA colleagues and others in East Timor. The package combines basic ToP Facilitation Methods, Negotiation and Relationships, Strategic Thinking and Planning and Participatory Rural Appraisal. Preparations are continuing for an engagement in July with PRADET, a Timorese mental health organisation, with whom ICA Australia collaborated in the past.  
Sydney colleagues participated in the inaugural Western Sydney regional meeting of the Sydney Alliance, an organisation which brings together groups from a wide variety of fields based on common concerns and values. So far, the members include community and metropolitan religious organizations, unions, businesses, and local and regional community organizations. The Sydney Alliance is inspired by the work of the Industrial Areas Foundation and works by focusing on building strong relationships of trust between organizations. This work promises to provide an effective mode of cross sector collaboration and action.

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Location: Lima

This week our staff began intensive work on the initiation of a new leadership focus -- the Cuenca, or ‘watershed’ in English.  The proposition is simple -- What if every community in a watershed, from the high Sierra to the Coastal cities, had excellently trained and highly motivated long-term volunteer leaders who formed an alliance to make the watershed the secure, sustainable basis of life for each and every human being in that clearly defined ecosystem? Could it be that such a formation offers a true and lasting local response to the challenges of climate change?

The ICA approach to this theme is pro-active: to develop and implement a long-term campaign to reduce water usage; to create a volunteer campaign to do extensive long-term reforestation in the highlands and make hundreds of new small reservoirs to increase ground water levels; to build a local economy where much of what is consumed is produced locally; to extend voluntary networks of trained promoters to dramatically improve health and education; to assure that public funds are used effectively through extensive participation of all sectors in program and proposal designs; to create mutual accountability systems to monitor for good governance; and to re-establish the old traditions of community workdays to accomplish miraculous changes in the visible presence of the communities.  And throughout all of these functions and structures to assure the extensive participation of women, youth and children in every aspect of the life and work of the community, working in collaboration with the private and public sector agencies which together can make this happen.  

Our dream is to catalyze and facilitate the creation of a Demonstration Cuenca where we would have the opportunity to form and support a core of leaders in every community in one Cuenca, and then go on to integrate those leadership teams into a new social fabric of leadership to claim their Cuenca as the new form of civilization. Could it follow in time that the political structures could change to fit the given form of the Cuenca? That would be our objective.

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ICA International:

Location: Montreal

This past week, Renée and Michael both helped national ICAs to prepare and refine project proposals for submission to an HIV Young Leaders Fund. Renée worked on a French proposal with colleagues in Togo, while Michael assisted ICA South Africa. The proposals, which both work to catalyze youth leadership and action to combat HIV and AIDS were submitted to the Tides Foundation, a foundation based in New York and San Francisco that partners with donors with the goal of increasing and organizing resources for social change. We also identified new grant opportunities.

Renée, Michael, and volunteer Nick Bond, continued to work on preparing and editing articles for the Network Exchange and we also began design work for the annual report. We are excited by the annual report information we have received to date, and ask those national ICAs that still have not submitted information for inclusion in the report to please do so as soon as possible.

Chelsea continued promotional work for the Tour to Transform Lives bike event, distributing information packages to cycling organizations and bike shops in Montreal. We are pleased to have engaged a new intern, Kimberley Dutronc, who will be joining us this coming week to work on promoting the Working Gifts program. Kimberley is from France and came to Canada to complete a B.A in Political Science and Art History at McGill. She has been a committed volunteer for a number of organizations both in Europe and here in Canada, and is looking forward to getting involved and making a contribution to the work of ICAI.  She will be starting a graduate degree in Marketing and Communications in September, and will be working with us part time over the summer months. She is very excited to be joining our team, and I know that you will join us in welcoming her warmly.