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Week ending: Saturday 2010 04 17


Location: Dhaka

On April 15 ICA Bangladesh submitted a grant proposal to UN-HABITAT for a youth-led development project in Dhaka City. On April 16, Aziz had a Skype meeting with our Australian mentors Maria and Richard Maguire, where they discussed ICA Bangladesh’s 2010 action plan and a possible visit by Maria and Richard to Bangladesh in November to provide capacity building support. Maria and Richard have been a great source of support for ICA Bangladesh since 2007. 

This week, the Dhaka team signed an agreement with the Social Science Research Council of the Planning Ministry in Dhaka for the terrorism research project. The Chandpur team created notarized deeds for the hand-over to the district administration of the school building entrance gate, and applied for approval for the land use, as the site is governed by the Chandpur District administration. Head office staff also finalized our three month financial statement and worked on a report for the High School Orphans Project.

Staff       admin@ica-bangladesh.org


Location: Canada

Duncan Holmes taught Group Facilitation Methods and Meetings That Work in Vancouver. He also facilitated a workshop with ASPECT in Vancouver.

John Miller taught Group Facilitation Methods and Meetings That Work in Calgary.

Jo Nelson worked with the City Of Mississauga on a public consultation project related to their official plan. She also worked with the team managing the community consultation project related to the development of a new governance model for the James Bay Cree Nation. Jo also facilitated an action planning workshop with the Upper Grand District School Board and taught the first day of Meetings That Work to staff at the York Region School Board.

Bill Staples facilitated a board retreat with the St Josephs Care Group in Thunder Bay.

Jo and Wayne Nelson facilitated another online meeting as part of a series of online meetings that is part of the IAF North American Conference.

Wayne Nelson published – Participation: Blip on the Radar Screen or New Paradigm – on the  ICA Associates website. http://ica-associates.ca/Resources/PartAsParadigm.cfm

Wayne Nelson


Location: Chicago

The Chicago Department of Transportation and the Mayor’s Pedestrian Advisory Council awarded ICA-USA a Certificate of Excellence for Sidewalk Snow and Ice Removal for the winter of 2009 – 2010. It is recognition for doing an extraordinary job of clearing the ICA-USA building sidewalks on both Sheridan Rd. and Lawrence Ave. The award was developed to recognize the importance of maintaining a clear and safe sidewalk, especially during the Chicago winter weather.  Snow and ice can make safe travel particularly difficult for our nonprofit tenants - children, seniors and people with disabilities. We applaud our engineering staff for this significant public tribute.

Three part-time consultants have recently been added to the ICA team: 1.) Lesley Showers is an architect and will be supporting John Perkins, our Facilities Manager, with property management issues and the application process for LEED (Leadership is Energy and Environmental Design) certification; 2.) Katie Kretzman will be partnering with Walter Brown, Learning Basket Coordinator, on the expansion of the innovative child development program; and 3.) Kelly Kolb is the Resource Development Associate responsible for donor data management and support to the development and external affairs staff. 

Karen Sims           ksims@ica-usa.or

ICA International:

Location: Montreal

This week we celebrate National Volunteer Week. ICA International would like to thank all of our volunteers who have supported and continue to support ICA Initiatives and projects around the globe. These projects would not be possible without the help of these devoted individuals. Thank you! 

ICA International is a member of Volunteer Canada, a national organization that promotes and celebrates volunteerism and best practice in volunteering. Their website, http://volunteer.ca/, contains excellent resources that might be of interest to national ICAs. 

This week Renée translated the Tour to Transform Lives website content into French, and Chelsea worked on formatting the French website. Both the English and French websites have now been published, at www.tourtotransform.org and www.tourtotransform-fr.org. We welcome everyone to join us for this ride in Montreal on June 6th, or to support our efforts by sponsoring a rider or leaving words of encouragement on the blog at the website.

We continued preparations for the 2009 audit and prepared the Q1 financial report to the board. We also worked both on the next issue of the Network Exchange newsletter and the annual report. Michael and Renée attended the annual general meeting of Montreal International, and thanked them for their continued support of ICA International.

We are pleased to announce that a new intern will be joining us. Anne-Marie Viens is a communications student at Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and will be helping us with general French communications needs, translating documents, and developing promotional material.

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