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Week ending: Saturday 2010 03 27


Location: Dhaka

Zaki and Jahangir were in Sharonkhola from March 23-25 to accomplish the remaining activities for the High School Orphans Project. They collected stories from the 30 children, who had lost their parents in the cyclone Sidr in 2007. They also asked the children how they felt the education and life skills support provided by this program has impacted their lives. ICA Bangladesh implemented this project with support from the Taiepe American School Foundation to ensure that the orphans did not drop out of school and developed skills that would encourage their future survival.

Aziz attended the ICA USA International Development conference in Chicago from March 26-28 held at the Kemper Building. Approximately 50 representatives from USA, Canada, UK, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Benin attended. Aziz’s participation was made possible by a generous travel grant provided by Larry and Evelyn of ICA Taiwan. ICA USA also supported Aziz, with onsite expenses including registration fees, accommodations and food. ICA Bangladesh would like to acknowledge all those who helped make Aziz's participation possible.

Aziz, as a Board Member of ICA International, attended the ICA International Dialogue on the 8th Global Conference on Human Development to be held in Nepal. This meeting was attended by Nelson, Tatwa, Bills, Duncan, Nan, Sandra, Michael, Janet, and Jeanette. Aziz also met with UK Director Jonathan, ICA USA CEO Dr. Terry Bergdall, UN Consultant Robertson Work, Douglas of Western Illinois University, Dr. Tatwa Timsina, the Rotary Club of Denver Mile High Carolyn, ICAI Director Michael, as well as colleagues from different organizations to establish networks and relationships for future partnerships. Aziz also presented an ICA Bangladesh publication on deforestation and forest degradation in Bangladesh to Rob.



Location: Japan, Haiti, Chile

Global Partner Center Japan
ICA Japan welcomed two new staff last week: Takako Shimizu, who is assigned to deliver Emergency Aid to Haiti, and Maki Tsukamoto, who is assigned to Pune India. Takako holds a MA in Education from Columbia University, and Maki is a professional photographer. Please welcome Takako and Maki to the ICA Global staff!

Haiti Emergency Aid
Takako, Edwin, and Shizuyo will deliver a second round of Emergency Aid to Haiti next week.  First they will provide supplies to 400 families--about 4000 people--in Petit Guave along the coast, and then to 400 more families high in the mountains in the CODEP reforestation project. Shizuyo will provide two days of ToP training in both areas to provide these people with listening and a vision of their future.

Chile Emergency Aid
Masaru Tamura and Wayne Ellsworth are preparing a proposal for delivering Emergency Aid to the two towns of Talca and Conception, both of which were completely destroyed by the recent 8.8 magnitude earthquake. In Talca we are focusing on the recovery of 400 handicapped people and their families, many of whom are bedridden.  Along the coast, where they were also hit by a huge Tsunami, we will deliver food aid to 400 families or 1600 people, plus heaters, blankets, fishing nets and other much needed items. ToP facilitation will enhance their energy for moving eagerly toward the future.

Global Training Center Japan
The team expanded to eight people, re-awakening the facilitation and training team. We have been picking up momentum; we chose a new logo, and began global contracting for a content managed design for a professional web site. We have marketed eight programs so far, and in the fall we will add an eLearning component to make this effort truly global.

Wayne and Shizuyo