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Week ending: Saturday 2010 03 20


We continue our contribution to the earthquake recovery efforts. There continue to be small tremors both day and night. The population is scared and counting their losses— the government has reported around 500 fatalities, and many households are without basic services such as gas, electricity and water.

In 2009 ICA Chile provided capacity-building courses to the Council of Disabled Persons of Talca, an umbrella organization composed of 16 organizations representing adults with disabilities. These organizations were severely affected by the earthquake on February 27th.   ICA Chile, along with the Japan Platform and ICA Japan, has been helping these people, focusing on a hospice for the elderly where 120 people were caught during the earthquake. We have provided food and other emergency supplies, and are currently planning a long-term project to support them. We also visited a small fishing village situated close to Concepcion, called Caleta Tumbes, that was devastated by the Tsunami. We provided emergency aid and are also developing a plan to provide long-term assistance.


Location: Kathmandu

This week the Minister of General Administration visited the ICA office to enquire about activities offered by ICA Nepal, particularly our training courses. Minister Rabindra Shrestha is also the Chairman of the Nepal Administrative Staff College. He was excited to learn about ICA's training activities and asked for our cooperation to strengthen the Staff College.

After completing a series of training sessions at the community level, Ms. Janet Sanders facilitated a two-day training session on Social Artistry in Kathmandu this week. There were 25 participants (see here) representing various organisations. Ms. Sanders was supported by a number of facilitators who have been trained by her over the last several years. The Social Artistry approach is becoming popular in Nepal and is now being promoted through a number of training institutes. ICA Nepal aims to provide SA training to 5000 people by 2012, and have already provided this training to almost 1000 people.

This week, ICA Nepal organised an interactive program on the ICA Global Conference in 2012, which was attended by Janet Sanders from Canada, Quazi Baby from Bangladesh and many Nepalese participants. Dr. Tatwa P. Timsina discussed possible themes which could be relevant to this conference, as well as various issues which should be considered while conducting a conference of this kind (see here). He will share the results of this meeting with ICA representatives after the Chicago Think Tank meeting.

As well, Dr. Tatwa P. Timsina was elected as an executive member of the Imagine Nepal team. Imagine Nepal was established 9 years ago; inspired by the organisation Imagine Chicago. Imagine Nepal has 24 members who belong to various organisations that work in the field of developing positive thoughts and visions in the society.

Tatwa P. Timsina           ica@icanep.wlink.com.np


Location: Lima

As our program demands are calling on many of our staff to play new roles, this week in our monthly staff training day we worked on roles in the Training Programs in Azpitia as well as in the implementation visits in the field.  It's always a delight to have our 10 professional staff around the table for a whole day to dig more in depth in our work. A major development that came out of this training day was our decision to begin to turn our attention toward the WATERSHED as the source of all life, and therefore the responsibility of everyone who lives and works there.

We see this focus as the next step beyond demonstration communities, to take on perhaps the biggest challenge for us all in the coming decades -- the availability of ample water for our survival. With the glaciers down to 20 percent of what they were just 20 years ago, we are going to need to make major concerted efforts in our more than 100 watersheds in Peru. This brings a whole new meaning and urgency to the 100 VALLEYS project which we started in 2006.  We look forward to sharing more in the coming months about the importance of watersheds and the methods we envision to enhance life within them.

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ICA International:

Location: Montreal

Work continued on the UNFF Major Groups Initiative, and we are happy to announce that the government of Norway confirmed a NOK 500 000 (approx. $85,000 CAD) contribution towards the event. Lambert will be heading to Ghana later in the coming week to meet with government officials and continue the local planning process.

Earlier in the week, Michael gave a talk on ICAI and the ICA approach at McGill University for the organization End Poverty Now, a relatively young organization with chapters at a number of Canadian universities. We are now exploring the possibility of partnering with End Poverty Now to raise awareness and support for a national ICA field project.

Michael also spoke at an event organized by the Montreal Junior Chamber of Commerce designed to give recent graduates a window into work within different sectors. Michael spoke about work in sustainable development and international development to graduates with backgrounds as diverse as engineering, finance, law and management. There was a great deal of enthusiasm about ICAI and the ICA approach to development, and a number of participants followed up with requests to volunteer.

We continued interviews for the Office Manager position and hope to engage someone with the coming weeks. Chelsea begin work on developing ideas and plans for some local fundraising events, including

UN Habitat is inviting applications for the second round of funding under the Youth Opportunities Fund.  The fund is designed to support youth-led projects in urban environments. To find out more about the fund and whether your organization (or one of your partner organizations) would be eligible, please visit: http://www.unhabitat.org/categories.asp?catid=637 (information is available in English, en Français and en Español).

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