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Week ending: Saturday 2010 01 30


Location: Canada

Jo Nelson and Bill Staples spent the week in Canada's far north.  Bill taught two Group Facilitation Methods couses in Whitehorse for members of the Yukon Public Service. Jo spent the week in Iqaliut working with the Nunavut Ministry of Education.

Duncan Homes, on the other hand, spent the week on holiday in the Carribean in the warm sun.

John Miller taught Group Facilitation Methods in Ottawa.

Much of the week was spent doing a kind of tribal resettlement. We have added an additional space on the second floor of our building and spent the week moving our offices.

Wayne Nelson           wnelson@ica-associates.ca

ICA International:

Location: Montreal

This past week Lambert and Michael met with a director of a children’s rights organization based in Montreal that is considering expanding projects to Africa. We were approached by the organization when they heard about the ICA methods and track record of successful community-based development work around the world.  The meeting was fruitful, and will be followed up with further discussions in the coming months. 

We did further work on the proposal for the International Youth Program for submission later in the week.

We took care of various administrative tasks, including installing and updating the latest version of our accounting software (Quickbooks) and dealing with various government reporting procedures. This coming week we begin to recruit for a communications intern that will assist us in a range of communication tasks, including the preparation of the 2009 annual report.