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Week ending: Saturday 2010 01 16



The annual gathering of ICA Australia and the ToP Faculty was held from January 6th to the 10th, 2010 at Mulgoa, near Sydney. 

A ToP Certification assessment day was held on Wednesday, January 6th and three new practitioners, Karen Newkirk, David Jago and Pankaj Bhargava, from India, became eligible to add the letters CToPF to their business cards. The next day was a ToP professional Development day and Friday through Saturday both the ToP Faculty and members of other ICA Australia programs did their planning for 2010. 

The AGM was held on Sunday, January 10th. Here are the major topics and decisions that were made:

  1. Creating a separate company for ToP in Australia which would enable them to become a Registered Training Organisation with accreditation to Australia standards.
  2. Committing to Facilitation Training in 2010 through existing NGOs in East Timor.
  3. Enabling local ICA members in their work with Indigenous and other groups within Australia.
  4. Committing to ICA Australia's presence at the GA in Montreal Oct 2010, and offering some support for SE Asian ICA members to travel to Canada.
  5. Offering continuing support to ICA Bangladesh after sighting 2009 reports, and
  6. Offering some assistance to relieve the ICA Japan debt after ascertaining amount needed from ICA Japan staff.
These decisions will mean using cash from our small reserves and from donations for investing in future facilitation in our part of the world.

Julie Miesen           miesenjj@optusnet.com.au


Location: Dhaka

Mizan visited the Ghoramara on the 16th of January for an inspection of the school construction.  On January 14th, Manik contacted the land records office for necessary allocation of land and construction materials. 

Habib started working on the website with Peter Ellins, from Canada. Aziz is helping them sort the necessary content. The ICA Bangladesh team would like to thank Peter for his offer in assisting Habib for the website redesign. Jahangir is looking after the street children project on weekends this week.

On the 15th of January, Aziz joined the ICA Canada party for the reception of its new Executive Director - Nan Hudson. Aziz’s presence was also warmly appreciated by the ICA Canada Board, ICA colleagues, friends and supporters. Aziz also had some important talks with the ICA International Secretary General Lambert Okrah and Director of Programs Michael Watson regarding ICA Bangladesh’s collaboration and fundraising in Canada. Lambert noted his appreciation to Aziz and the team for publishing the deforestation workshop report and a book on deforestation.

ICA Canada Board member, Janet Sanders also noted her appreciation in regards to our work and is hoping to develop a proposal for social artistry work in Bangladesh. She also hopes to visit ICA Bangladesh while she is in Nepal doing some social artistry work in March 2010. 

ICA Canada colleague Jo Nelson has also supporting our work and mentoring Aziz while he is in Canada. He also introduced Aziz to a potential colleague - Dr. Abdul Hai Patel who worked with IDRF and some other organizations including ICA. Dr. Patel also expressed to support ICA work in Bangladesh. Aziz also talked to CA Canada ED Nan Hudson, Board Chair, Directors and supporters.

Staff           admin@ica-bangladesh.org


Location: Canada

We spent the first week of January planning our work for 2010. One of our decisions was to offer a discount on our Toronto Public courses. We sent an email message announcing the special offer to those on our database in the nearby area. Within a week, several courses have filled up. We've had to halt registration on 2 courses already. Calls come daily.

Jo Nelson did another workshop with the Upper Grand School Board's strategy planning project.

Bill Staples did 2 training workshops with the Kitchner-Waterloo Community Care Access Centre. Set up by long time collegue, Dave Murray, the CCAC leadership will go through our entire Facilitative Leadership Program - - 
http://ica-associates.com/template/newcourses/carrier.cfm?HandleFLP - - over the next 2 years.

Jo Nelson attended the US ToP Trainers meeting in Minneapolis.

Work continues on developing the infrastructure for our new website. We are also taking major steps in re-designing ToPOnline, our website offering Virtual Meeting Spaces for online collaborative work. We have developed an application that enables participants in a workshop to do a brainstorm online. The program will enable us to create cards that can be used in either a face to face workshop or a virtual workshop using Elluminate. Within the next month or so, we will be in position to offer our clients facilitation services in a virtual environment. The growing use of the web, financial restrictions and security concerns are leading multi-located organizations to seek online solutions for their collaborative needs. With ToPOnline as a foundation, we will be able to facilitate a variety of online events. One organization has asked us to develop a way to teach our Group Facilitation Methods course online. We are beginning that work.

Wayne Nelson           wnelson@ica-associates.ca



Emergency Aid - Philippines
Yuka and Shizuyo returned from the Philippines after delivering Emergency Aid to over 5000 families and facilitating 150 folks in ToP mini sessions. The Aid arrived just in time for Christmas, with a month's worth of basis food and other supplies.

Previously Masaru Tomura and Shizuyo had made a tirp to the Philippines to deliver aid to 1000 families standing in waist high water to receive the aid occasioned by the three typhoons that struck in less than 10 days. Yuka plans to go back on February 2nd to give basic food and materials to the families that have been resettled. All three trips are being made possible by the loving President and staff of Aldersgate College.

Emergency Aid II
Edwin Chege and Masaru Tomura are leaving in about a week for Port- au-Prince in Haiti, where they will research and deliver aid to earthquake victims in the mountains. Our counterpart will be the Haiti Foundation.

Global Conference Follow up
Wayne, Shizuyo and Shankar wrote a one year follow up letter to the global conference participants, and sent it out to 280 people. The letter asked for what each person and organization has accomplished since the conference, and what they envision in the coming year. They were asked for creative stories, photos and videos to portray what is unfolding. ICA Japan will distribute these stories via the web and other means.

Wayne and Shizuyo            staff@icajapan.org


While the implementation work went on in 4 Departments from the north to the south of Peru this week, we had a land-mark meeting of our Associates to elect an entirely new Board of Directors for the next five years.  This was a major event for us as our staff has been serving as the Board for the last 4 years, while we built the relationship with new associates to assume the important role of Director. 

We would like to introduce our new President, Julio Aguirre, a university professor and long time associate, who's wife, Rocio del Aguila, is playing a key role on our staff.  

Engineer Carlos Soldi was elected Vice President after supporting us for several years in our relationships with major companies in Peru. 

Our new Secretary of the Board is Alina San Roman, a young lawyer with a strong business background, and daughter of our dear friend and colleague, Maximo San Roman, who served as President of Peru in the 1990s and frequently leads a session in our Training School about Incan ethics.  

Alison Hamje of our staff is serving as Treasurer since she is responsible for most of our marketing and income sources.  

Our fifth Board member is Roberto Persivale who is a well known business leader and financier, and who is involving the ICA in a major REDD forest conservation project in Peru.  Roberto's father, a former Minister of Commerce, was one of the people who first sponsored the ICA in Peru 30 years ago, and who still plays an active role introducing us to important people.  

We are extremely grateful to have these talented and connected people serve on our Board and be colleagues that we can depend upon to keep the ICA safe and growing in its mission of service to Peru.

Staff           admin@ica-peru.org


Location: Chicago

The Mathews Symposium (Transforming the Legacy: People of Spirit in the 21st Century), held in Washington, D.C., was a great success.  There were 142 paid registrations and nearly 170 at the opening event. Participants represented all aspects of OE/EI/ICA and other relationships to both Mathews brothers. What could have been simply a class reunion or - a wasn’t-it-great-when affair - was very much focused on the future. Attendees were asking, “What can we work on together now that we’re reacquainted?”  

Here is a sample of some upcoming ICA-USA projects that answer that question: 

1.) On the weekend of March 26-28, 2010, we will host a gathering to plan ways forward for ICA-USA’s renewed engagement in International Development. Register online at www.ica-usa.org.

2.) May 2010 is our designated time for finally moving the EI/ICA archives out of the basement to the 6th floor. This is part of our GLOBAL ARCHIVES PROJECT (GAP). We will have Volunteer Sojourners working throughout the month. For more information or to volunteer please email ksims@ica-usa.org.

3.) On July 12-14, 2010 there will be an ICA Living Archives research and educational event.  It is co-sponsored by ICA and the Oikos honors program on the campus of Oklahoma City University. The title for this is “Peace, Poverty, AND Planet Earth: Exploring Resources for a Sustainable Future” and will involve Oikos students and faculty along with members of the EI/ICA community. Watch for more information on our website www.ica-usa.org.  


Karen Sims, Director of Development and External Affairs for ICA-USA, was given the Excellence in Service Award, for recognition of outstanding service to Chicago’s Uptown Community in 2009.

Pat Druckenmiller

ICA International:

Location: Montreal

Michael returned from leave and spent time on various administrative and accounting tasks, including acknowledging the generous support from individuals received during the holiday period. The support of individuals is particularly important to work of ICA International as it provides resources toward areas of greatest need, and helps leverage funds from government and other sources.

We were excited to welcome LaTavia Desmarais to the team. LaTavia is a student of political science and anthropology at Concordia University and is coordinating the Concordia delegation of the organization Rights and Democracy. She is joining us as a part-time research intern who will help identify sources of funding for various projects, including HIV and AIDs and sustainable natural resource management. Originally from the Caribbean, she is fluent in French and English and is learning Spanish.  In addition to welcoming LaTavia, we posted a number of other internship opportunities for positions with the Montreal office, including positions in communications and program assistance.

On Thursday, staff undertook a planning session for the first quarter and identified key priorities and activities. The main focus of upcoming work is on further developing and securing resources for existing programs, including developing collaborations with various national ICAs.

On Friday, Michael and Lambert had the pleasure of attending the welcoming reception held for ICA Canada’s new executive director, Nan Hudson, at the ICA offices in Toronto.  The event was well-attended by members of the board of ICA Canada, as well as diverse friends and supporters of the organization. Earlier in the day Lambert and Michael took the opportunity to meet with Nan to begin building a relationship and discuss various opportunities for collaboration.  We are extremely excited to welcome Nan to the ICA family and greatly look forward to working with her in the weeks and months ahead.

Staff           info@ica-international.org