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Week ending: Saturday 2010 01 02


Location: Dhaka

Mizan and Shamim visited the Ghoramara and Gabua village projects on December 11th and 18th. ICA Bangladesh received a total of $1018 USD in working gifts for items such as sewing machines and dressmaking training for disadvantaged women, wells, and school supplies and materials for underprivileged children. Manik and Mizan ordered the remaining items for delivery to ICA Bangladesh on December 30th. 

During his visit to Canada, Aziz visited ORBIS in Toronto on the 14th of December. Ranjan accompanied Aziz and expressed his desire to help ICA Bangladesh in 2010, from Canada. ORBIS Manager Daniella Bianchi arranged a meeting with ORBIS Bangladesh’s country Director, Dr. Abu Raihan. Aziz and Pintu visited ORBIS Bangladesh on the 22nd of December at Gulshan, Dhaka. Dr. Raihan also invited Aziz to attend a Manikganj pilot project concluding event on the 23rd of December at the Dhaka Reporters Unity.

Aziz arrived in Dhaka on the 17th of December. Aziz is having a busy vacation in Bangladesh with all ICA activities. On the18th and 19th, he had a staff meeting with Fuad, Pintu, Nurul, Jahangir, Arshad, Mizan, Shamim, and Ferose. On the 20th, 21st, and 22nd, Aziz met an account officer along with Fuad, Pintu, Nurul, and the auditor, to discuss finance and accounts for 2009. They also worked on the 2010 Budget, reviewed last year’s action plan, and discussed a strategic plan. 

Pintu visited the Phulki street children project on the 22nd of December and handed in examination scipts and question sets. He also conducted an ORID discussion with the children. Aziz, Manik and Kabir are trying to find a minister to do the inauguration of the school building in Chandpur. Pintu, Fuad, and Shahinoor are making efforts to bring the City Councillor and media to the street children project concluding event in Dhaka.

On December 25th, ICA Bangladesh organized a planning meeting. The team decided to host a street children event on the 29th of December, discussed a possible research project with the SSRC of Bangladesh, and a possible partnerships with the local government and the education ministry. Aziz will work on the local government institute connection and Fazle will help in connecting with the education training institute. 

ICA members expect to have support for 2010 from ICA Australia, ICA International, and other ICA colleagues from home and abroad. Aziz distributed copies of the ICA International 2008 Annual Report, which were collected in Canada and handed in the ICA book on deforestation and forest degradation. Sheikh Shipon expressed that he wishes to spend more time on ICA in 2010. ICA Bangladesh wishes a happy holiday season to all ICA colleagues at home and abroad.

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ICA International:

Location: Montreal

Lambert returned from Copenhagen last week, where he had a successful meeting at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) premises.  The meeting was with Steering Committee members and the Secretariat staff of the United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF), to discuss the global meeting on forest that we are coordinating. We are also continuing our collaboration with other organizations and other relevant United Nations (UN) agencies for fund raising and preparation for the international workshop in May of this year.

The secretariat provided support to ICA-Benin to get approval for funding of about $14,000.00 CAD to undertake forest workshops later in the year.

Renée has returned from her vacation over the holidays and will be continuing fundraising efforts for the School Program along with other communications needs.

Michael has also been out of the office for the holidays and will be returning next week, ready for the New Year.

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