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Week ending: Saturday 2009 12 05

There was no issue of the Global Buzz the week of 2009 11 28


Location: Canada

Duncan Holmes taught 2 courses and facilitated a planning workshop - all sponsored by the Arctic Energy Alliance in Yellowknife, NWT.

Bill Staples taught our Facilitating Conciliation course in our Toronto Training Centre.

We held a one day - - Virtual Facilitation Summit - - with our staff and some associates to bring everyone up to date on our Virtual Facilitation initiatives. We also planned next steps.

Wayne           wnelson@ica-associates.c


Location: Brobo

Le personnel de ICA-CI tient à remercier toute l’équipe du Global Buzz pour la publication de la triste nouvelle. Nous en sommes très reconnaissants et apprécions cette marque d'attention accordée à notre bureau.

The ICA CI staff would like to thank the Global Buzz team for the publication of the sad news. We are very grateful and appreciate this gesture.

Eugene ICA-CI           cotedivoireica@yahoo.fr


Location:Chicago, Illinois

New board members for 2010 were elected at the November board of directors meeting. The candidates all have proven experience in facilitating events and improving the bottom lines of government, business, religious, and community organizations.

Elsa J. Batica – She is an enthusiastic, results-oriented professional with extensive experience in not-for-profit boards. She has been effective in the arenas such as health, planning, diversity, civil rights, and organizational development.

Alan Gammel – He has 30 years of experience in investments, insurance, strategic planning, program development and training.

Larry D. Loeppke – He is a school and college textbook publisher. He created a school publishing division and grew annual revenue forty times greater than when he started.

Daniel Mittleman, Ph.D. is a Professor of Information Systems at DePaul University (Chicago, Illinois) with 20 years of experience in facilitating team processes in industry, government, and educational settings. His academic research touches on process development and technology tool development in support of team processes.

Randy C. Williams is an experienced non-profit manager. His expertise is implementation of leadership development programs and development of entrepreneurial business ventures.

Pat Druckenmille

ICA International:

Location: Montreal

Flora had a very productive meeting with Nick Bond, one of our new volunteers, who is a professional in the field of marketing and market research. They met to discuss possible marketing activities and improvements for the Working Gifts website. She is enthusiastic about this and believes that a professional opinion from an outside source will be beneficial to the program. Flora also finished the gift card inserts and sent out the first new Working Gifts cards and made a few changes to the website along with Peter Ellins.

Over the past week, Renée continued her efforts in preparing and sending grant applications for the Schools Program. She also worked with Peter Ellins on making changes to clean up the main website and assure consistency in all three languages.   Work has also begun on the annual year-end mailing campaign, which should be ready to go out by next week.

We are happy to announce that two new interns will be joining the organization. Charles Morisset, our new communications intern, has already begun work in translating the Working Gifts program. Charles has a background in Political Science and recently completed his Master’s degree at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM).   LaTavia Desmarais will be joining us in January as a Grant Research Intern. She is currently studying Political Science and Anthropology at Concordia University.

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