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Week ending: Saturday 2009 11 07


Location: Dhaka

On November 6, Fuad visited the Street Children Project site and recorded opinions of the parents regarding the project. We offer side-by-side basic educational classes taught by Shainoor as a regular activity and we also offer appropriate life skills for the children. For this project, we appointed two teachers for basic education and 5 trainers for different life skills training. On November4, Pintu visited the site and he developed a schedule of 3 days per week to conduct life skills training with the street children on different topics- HIV-AIDS, love, respect, patriotism, information technology, nationality, as per the proposed activities made in consultation with children, their parents and local government reps. Mizan and Shamim visited Ghoramara on November 6 and talked to community people. Habib also make a home visit on November 4 and spoke with Manik about school permission.

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Location: Canada

Bill Staples has been teaching. He taught Meetings That Work at our training centre and then traveled to Vancouver to teach Group Facilitation and Facilitated Planning. He is currently teaching a series of community development training workshops to Toronto's United Way staff.

Jo Nelson and John Miller taught our Advanced Facilitation Tools course. They revised the curriculum based on our first year's experience of teaching it. It's a strong course with a lot of tools for facilitating strategic initiatives and projects. Jo taught Group Facilitation and Facilitated Planning - -  public courses - - in Ottawa.

Associate Erwin Allerdings taught Group Facilitation to 22 participants in Regina, Saskatchewan. Jo designed and facilitated a - - Design Chatette - - in which the City of Mississauga, a private property developer, planners, architects and several others interested in developing a plaza created a common model for the development. They were amazed at their ability to form consensus after the experience of being in years of argument. She has been facilitating around Ontario. She also did a presentation at the Alternative Dispute Resolution Conference in Ottawa.

Wayne Nelson facilitated an online meeting with the Virtual ToP Facilitation team using Elluminate. He is working with Associate Manfred Humphries on developing ToPOnline, a website with online meeting spaces for client groups and project teams.

Wayne Nelson           wnelson@ica-associates.ca