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Week ending: Saturday 2009 10 24


Location: Dhaka

ICA Bangladesh organized an online meeting today on 25 October. Jo and Wayne from ICA Associates Inc. in Canada facilitated the meeting from Toronto, while Aziz co-facilitated. Farhad, Sarwat, Shipon, Habib, Fuad, Naimul, Selina, and Nurul took part from Dhaka. Maria and Richard also participated in the meeting from Sydney. The meeting focused on a reflective conversation on 2009 activities and accomplishments, and on what strategies ICA Bangladesh needs to focus on in 2010.

Aziz attended a-one day training on Tools for Team Work introduction to Facilitation on 24 October at ICA Canada. The training was designed for youth from the ICA Canada's YFL program, and we are thankful to Staci and Jo for inviting us to participate. Fuad is working in the YFL in Bangladesh. In our December 2007 plan, we introduced the program, and we took some initiatives. Aziz is planning to do a YFL training in Bangladesh in December and Staci is going to help ICA Bangladesh by providing materials for the training.

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Location: Kathmandu

This week ICA Nepal focused on the school project in Kathmandu Valley. It established a school from elementary to grade 12, with approximately 700 students. As we are planning to change the name of the school within the next few months, we would appreciate if you could suggest a name to us.

Dave and the team is going to organise a training on Design Thinking. The team is preparing the details. A 5-day training on social mobilisation was organised in Changu this week in which 20 women from the area participated. Atma is leading a team of 5 trainers for the Far Western Region of Nepal where they will organise a series of training sessions for community people.

Ram Raj Bhandari           ica@icanep.wlink.com.np


Location: Chicago

The Institute of Cultural Affairs-USA is always happy to have visitors drop by when they are in Chicago. Recently, we were fortunate to have two long-time ICA colleagues make an appearance.

Dick West is a former farmer who offered his rural and agricultural expertise to ICA in the early 70s. Since then, he has spent time in India and Taiwan, in addition to other places. He currently is on staff, and works with Larry Philbrook, at ICA Taiwan, having been there 18 years. His focus is twofold: he does a lot of facilitating for businesses in order to be able to charge less to nonprofits. He also offers one-on-one coaching and healing practices, such as massage therapy and reiki. He has one daughter in Chicago and one son in Florida.

Bob Morgan became associated with ICA in the late 80s, when, as an electrical engineer, he was consulted to do work in the Kemper building. In the following years, Bob lived as part of the Keystone community, and served on the ICA Board of Directors. He is now retired and lives in Denver.

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