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Week ending: Saturday 2009 10 03

For those who wish to share their thoughts or memories of Don Elliot, please add these to the on-line guest book in his honour:  http://www.legacy.com/gb2/default.aspx?bookid=7688124971130&cid=full



Location: Dhaka

The ICA Bangladesh team is deeply shocked at the death of Don Elliot and offers its condolences to his family.

Nurul visited the Ghoramara Community Development Project in Chandpur twice recently, and based on community meetings on 20 September and 24 September, some suggestions were made by the ICA Ghoramara Community Development Support Committee. One is to get a new general Secretary as the current secretary seems to be very busy. Another suggestion is to get school building permission; ICA should immediately consult with the Sub-district executive officer and education officer. Eid Manik had already spoken to UNO and this week he will meet the education officer to get the written permission to launch the TUC-funded school building project.

Aziz called ICA staff and members including Manik, Nurul, Habib and Nasrin on 4 October to know the status of project activities. Aziz attended a course on Community Development Strategies taught by Bill at ICA office in Toronto on 4 October. Aziz learned a lot from Bill and Jo, refreshing his previous community development knowledge. As Aziz joined a group of development workers working in the priority areas located in suburbs in Toronto, he learned to compare applications of ICA methods of community development in Bangladesh with those in Canada. Aziz thanks Bill Staples for his generous cooperation.

On 5 October Ripon and Nurul went to the NGO Bureau to follow up on the status of ICA Bangladesh’s certification.

Staff           admin@ica-bangladesh.org



Larry spent the last week in Geneva working with the UN. He also worked with a friend-facilitator, a colleague of Martin Gailbraith, who is a ToP facilitator who works in facilitation with many UN groups around the world; they discussed possible collaboration. Larry also met the Chief of one of the UN Sections on Public Private Partnerships and had a great conversation about his experience at the macro and micro levels. Larry also worked with facilitators who are working on Gender rights in University – a group in Romania and another group promoting authentic dialogue in Society in Taiwan. Larry is now in Chile doing another UN leadership program and will then be doing a follow up with 3 programs collaborating with colleagues from ICA Chile - one program for teachers, one on Community development and one with a national collaborative institution.

Larry Philbrook           larry@icatw.co


Sad indeed is the news of Don's death. To all of you who knew him, my condolences. I spent a week with him last November and all I can say say is: Don was a big man with a big heart. He had room in it for everybody. I am happy I shared a bit of it. May he rest in peace.

Charles Wabwire


Location: Chicago

All of us at The Institute of Cultural Affairs in the U.S.A. were saddened by the news this weekend of the sudden passing of Dr. Don Elliott. Don’s commitment to the betterment of the world was evident through his 40-year history of work and support with the Order Ecumenical, Ecumenical Institute, ICA-USA and ICA International. He honored us by the manner in which he lived his life.

A page in our book of memories is gently turned today. He wished to serve and he did. He supported village projects in Africa and elsewhere, campaigned for the national and international movement against AIDS, served numerous terms as an ICA-USA Board member, and was a supporter and participant in recent events such as the Living Legacy and Profound Journey Dialog.

Most of us know he was an accomplished heart surgeon, but he was also an inventor his creation and patenting of a device used in heart surgery allowed him to contribute to the success of ICA as a thoughtful and generous Guardian.

He put all of his heart and energy into his projects, working without complaint until the end. We should all be inspired by his life - to work as tirelessly as he did so as not to leave any job unfinished, and to be the true servants to the world that we all aspire to be. For Don’s family, we cannot feel the full impact of the tragedy. But we all feel the loss, and we are thinking about you.

Cheryl Zaleski           czaleski@ica-usa.org


ICA Zimbabwe has official launched a $330 000 project on 2 October 2009 which will be implemented over 3 years with Rotary International. The project will be implemented in Mufakose, Kambuzuma, Budiriro, Crowborough North and Rugare which are project areas. Rotarians worked with ICA to develop this ambitious proposal to meet the needs of these communities. Outcomes include creating 128 women’s self help groups with 1,600 members, creating 64 youth economic groups with 800 trained members, setting up 20 Youth resource centres, and training volunteers to lead living well groups of HIV positive participants. A big thank you to Carolyn Schrader and Dick Alton who have been instrumental in the successful application of this grant.

ICA Zimbabwe Staff           icazim@africaonline.com.zw