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Week ending: Saturday 2009 09 26


Location: Dhaka

ICA Bangladesh folks are still celebrating Eid, most of them are in their hometowns. Fuad, Nurul, Habib, Kabir and Nasrin celebrated Eid with their family on 21 Sept. ICA staff will be back this week in Dhaka.

Aziz left Bangladesh on 18 September for Canada. Despite so many commitments including ICA, his family, university and family and friends in Bangladesh, Aziz decided to do his graduate studies for his university career so that he can return to Bangladesh and fully concentrate on work. Aziz had already postponed getting a PhD to become a university professor, and so could not miss the chance to accept an offer to do a PhD at the University of Toronto, a globally-reputed and recognized school. Aziz is hoping for support and cooperation for ICA Bangladesh from ICA colleagues all around the world.

Before his departure, Aziz confirmed home clearance of NGO Affairs Bureau on 16 September. Now it is just a matter of issuing a certificate. Aziz is monitoring the matter from Canada. Selina is now in charge during Aziz's absence.

Ripon, Habib, Nurul, Nasrin and Fuad are now more active in Dhaka. Manik, Shamim, Mizan are overseeing ICA work in Chandpur.  Saifuzzaman, Nurul, Fuad, Shipon, Leena, Milon, and Ripon are taking care of an orphan high school children project in the Bagerhat Sidr area.

Aziz visted the ICA Canada office on 25 September and met Duncan and Bill. Aziz hopes to make his spare time more productive by working with ICA colleagues in Canada and believes that it is a great opportunity to be in Toronto. He was excited to see a family picture of Aziz, Nasrin and Tasfi on Wayne's shelf. Jo and Wayne are hosting Aziz until he finds adequate housing; while staying in Nelson's family, Aziz is asking questions and learning more about the application of ICA methods and approaches.

Staff           admin@ica-bangladesh.org


Location: Canada

Jo Nelson facilitated workshops for an information systems project involving several school districts. Jo also taught Facilitated Planning in our training centre. She facilitated a planning workshop with the Upper Grand District School Board that will likely lead to a longer-range planning process with them. She led a very specialized training session helping a school board prepare for a controversial public consultation process. She helped them prepare to respond to critical questions from community residents.

Duncan Holmes taught Group Facilitation Methods to a full house in our training centre. He also facilitated a strategic planning retreat for the Early Childhood Community Development Centre in St. Catherines, Ontario.

Bill Staples taught a 2-day version of our new Organizational Transformation course to a full house in Oxford, England - a public course sponsored by ICAUK. Martin Galbraith co-taught the course with Bill. While in Europe, he attended the opening of the IAF Europe conference in Barcelona. He met with representatives of the European ICA to discuss the future of the global ToP network and ToP programming.

Wayne and Jo Nelson welcomed Mohammed Azizur Rahman from ICA Bangladesh. Aziz is on sabbatical in order to pursue graduate studies leading to a Ph.D. in criminology. Aziz will stay with the Nelsons until he is able to get established on his own. As time goes on, his wife and new daughter will join him here.

Duncan Holmes and Derek Strachn welcomed Deep Lokande from India as he is entering a graduate program in Media studies at Seneca College located at York University. Deep Lokande is the son of longtime colleague and ICA India board chair, Vijay Lokande.

Wayne Nelson is re-developing ToPOnline, our virtual facitation website. We will use it as an extension of our website to add highly interactive elements as well as using it as a home portal for client work that includes a virtual component.

Wayne Nelson         wnelson@ica-associates.ca


Location: Lima - Moquegua - Chincha - Azpitia

This week was the beginning of our experience of having a Sold Out calendar, with two teams in the field and a new AVANZA PERU beginning, plus intensive reporting and marketing going on -- all at the same time.  And we even squeezed in a brief birthday celebration too.

Gloria Santos and Alex Borjas did a 5-day site inspection trip to the far south of Peru, visiting villages at an altitude of up to 4500 meters.  The people from these communities will participate in the AP in November; about half of them speak Aymara and the women are illiterate. Jesusa Aburto, Pedro Aburto and Alex Borjas then went to the Sierra above Chincha for the second Implementation visit to those communities, also incorporating a demonstration of drip irrigation.The week was also filled with preparations for another AP in Azpitia as a motivated group arrived on Sunday from the Sierra of Huancavalica for 3-weeks of leadership training. 

We also had the opportunity to present a preliminary proposal for the Machu Picchu village at the base of the mountain of the very famous Machu Picchu ruins site. This project can give us the opportunity to do a comprehensive community development project with one of the most visible communities in Peru, highlighting the effectiveness of the ICA approach to community development.

Staff           admin@ica-peru.org


Location: Montréal

First and foremost, we are all very excited to hear from our colleagues in Chile that the UN Habitat proposal which we worked with them on earlier in the year was approved!

Flora has made a lot of progress on the Working Gifts program. She received proposals from the national ICAs and made all necessary updates and changes. We have three new participants in this year’s Working Gifts program: ICA Cameroon, ICA Chile and ICA Kenya. She has also been working with Audra to draft the new Working Gifts website, with updated information. Peter has been putting in long hours to implement the changes to the website in time for our next Working Gifts fundraising campaign. The updated website will be ready soon. A big thank you to Peter for his hard work and dedication!

Lambert continued developing the CSR program with RCEN as well as the UNFF Major Groups Initiative supporting proposal development for ICA Nepal and Ghana. Lambert and Audra met with CORIM, a Montreal-based organisation that hosts well-known speakers in international affairs, to discuss potential collaboration with ICA International.

Michael continued work on proposals related to youth internships and sustainable forestry. He also met with colleagues from other NGOs across Canada regarding the UN Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) – the Commission is responsible for reviewing progress in the implementation of Agenda 21 and the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development; as well as providing policy guidance to follow up on the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation . ICA International is one of the civil society organizations that will be giving input into the Canadian positions at CSD.

Renee continued fundraising efforts for the Schools Program and promotion for the ICA Associates courses; she also updated the programs section of the ICA International website and helped draft an article for our next issue of the Network Exchange.

Audra initiated fundraising efforts for corporate sponsors for the Schools Program. She has been busy preparing the Working Gifts fundraising campaign that will be launched at the end of this week. She also trained her colleagues on to use the new internal management software, and with Julia’s invaluable help, consolidated all existing data.

Our search for new office space intensifies: we have already visited a number of interesting places and hope to have a decision made within the coming weeks. Moving day is November 1!