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Week ending: Saturday 2009 09 19


Location: Lima and Azpitia

The staff closed out another AVANZA PERU program and sent 30 motivated and prepared new leaders back to their communities after a wonderful celebration on Friday night.  Our Implementation Program team will be visiting these new grads in their villages over the next 4 months to secure their new leadership roles in their communities.  Our new staff members, Luis Tarazona and Doris Artica got a taste of the intensity of our work and came out of the experience with a new sort of shine in their eyes.

Gloria Santos and Alex Borjas left for Moquegua in the far south of Peru for a site visit to 18 communities in the high sierra which will be part of our November AP program.  They will be gone 5 days to become familiar with the communities which range from 1,800 to 4,500 meters above sea level.  In the highest communities, Aymara is spoken with little Spanish and no literacy -- another challenge for our AVANZA PERU instruction.

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Location: Chicago

Partnering with the local Chamber of Commerce

The Institute of Cultural Affairs – USA was the host of an Uptown Chamber of Commerce monthly meeting.  We served refreshments in the Global Guild Suite and 25 members of the Chamber heard a lively presentation on “Facebook for Small Business.” Most of the attendees were not familiar with ICA-USA and our Chicago Nonprofit Center that is home to 35 social service organizations, government agencies and nonprofits. Karen Sims, the Director of Resource Development and External Affairs is on the Membership Committee of the Chamber and its Executive Director, Christie Hahn has supported our networking with the local alderperson’s offices.

Staff Planning Retreat

Nino Tillman, Executive Director, led a two-day senior staff retreat to refresh the 2009 fourth quarter program plans and begin to develop 2010 plans based on the Board of Directors Strategic Thinking Retreat.  More than 30 ICA-USA colleagues from around the world gathered this spring to strategize about a 3 – 5 year program plan for ICA-USA. The staff was commissioned to review the final document and begin to absorb and integrate the suggestions from the retreat.    

Karen A. Sims