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Week ending: Saturday 2009 09 12


Location: Lima and Azpitia

This week we started another AVANZA PERU leadership training program of 30 people from the Sierra in the north and south of the country. The unique thing about this course is that it is the second one this year with the same Swiss-funded NGO. The first program generated such immediate visible results in the integration and activity of the communities, that the communities themselves demanded another program to support surrounding communities and their networks of agricultural producers. It is very motivating for our staff to have the experience of the people they are training actually take charge of their communities and take action -- something we have taken on faith more than by direct testimonies.

Meanwhile our office expansion project has been successfully completed in Lima making room for our new staff members joining us to support our expanded program. Also this week, the marketing team celebrated getting confirmation on three major contracts for 2010 plus a lot of excitement about our Double Your Results December program for professional staff working in the field. 

In the midst of it all we took a few minutes to celebrate the Rocio del Aguila’s birthday with a delicious cake. Life is good indeed!



Location: Montréal

Lambert returned from Europe and Ghana after a series of productive meetings. In Switzerland and London, he participated in a group of experts to finalize a report of recommendations to governments on the financial mechanism and implementation of REDD+ (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation) based on the 3 multi-stakeholder international workshops that ICA International participated in.

Lambert has also been actively involved in developing the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program that ICA International is currently developing with The Canadian Environmental Network. Furthermore, he has been following up with government donors for the workshop of Major Groups on UNFF.

Michael returned from an excellent personal trip to Turkey and got to work tying up loose ends on a variety of projects and preparing new grant submissions for forestry-related work.

Renée has been busy promoting for the ToP training courses and continued fundraising efforts for the Schools Program.

Audra continued her work on ICA International’s fundraising and marketing plan and reviewed the French version of the annual report. She and Julia also worked on consolidating contact and donor information to be imported into the new donor and grant management system.

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