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Week ending: Saturday 2009 09 05


Location: Lima and Azpitia

This was a landmark week for ICA-Peru, holding our first Members meeting in three and a half years, and welcoming two new people to our full time staff.

The 27 Members of the legal entity Instituto de Asuntos Culturales met on Saturday, September 5th, to hold an official meeting of ICA-Peru and to celebrate 30 years of service to Peru. There were 12 new Members present, representing all sectors of the society, and bringing many contacts to our work. Included were two nationally-known family names which add a lot of credibility to our work, along with a lawyer and professionals from a number of sustainable practice disciplines. It was a very celebrative event with lots of quality visiting going on, and a great deal of excitement about the full calendar of work which we currently have.

Our staff was enhanced this week with the addition of Doris Artica who has a wide range of business and community experience and is currently completing her final requirements for a degree from the National Agricultural University. She will be contributing to our marketing efforts while training to be an integral part of the Implementation Program team. Also, Luis Tasayco joined us this week to be the full-time Services Manager for our Azpitia Training Center. Luis is from Chincha where he worked with us for over a year after the 2007 earthquake emergency. We are very pleased to have these caring additions to our staff, and we are still seeking two more professional staff to join the Implementation Program team.

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Location: Montréal

Renée continued fundraising for the Schools program. Renée is also in charge of coordinating the ToP facilitation courses taught by ICA Associates, which will be hosted in ICA International’s office in October (the courses will be offered both in French and English). The registration for the courses is now open. The information is easily accessible by following the link under the « latest news » « dernières nouvelles » section of the ICA International website.

Audra is currently working on a long-term fundraising and marketing plan for ICA International. She has also been busy setting up the new donor and grant management software system, determining intern needs for the coming months and overseeing the translation of the annual report. Thank you to Marie-Eve and Marilu for working on the French and Spanish translations.

Julia came back from holidays on Wednesday, September 2nd, and, among other things, has been busy consolidating donor and general contact information

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