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Weekending: Saturday 2009 08 08


Location: Dhaka

On 8th August, ICA Adviser Mr. Sujit Roy Nandi and Aziz visited an NGO called Sir William Beveridge Foundation and had a meeting with its Head of Operations, Retired Major General Jibon Kanai Das. They taked about NGOs that are working with foreign funds and of the different types of registration acts that are in the country. Mr. Nandi introduced ICA and its activities in Dhaka and other districts. He also asked for assistance from Mr. Das for FDR clearance and possible future partnerships.

Nurul, Fuad, Ripon and Aziz had a staff meeting on 7th August for an office management and DGFI investigation by mid August, towards NGO Affairs Bureau Clearance.

Shamim and Mizan visited on the 7-8th of August the Ghoramara ICA project, and discussed opening an account in the Post Office for the community. The money generated from the rickshaw program and other income generating activities will be deposited into the account and spent for the community school, tube wells, or other projects, in the future.

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Location: Lima

We received the commitment for four more major training programs this week, thereby filling out our calendar through the first quarter of 2010. We also came to realize that we have a huge demand building for the Implementation Program in the field which follows each of these 3-week leadership formation events, so we decided to move ahead with the hiring of three more professional people to meet this need in the fourth quarter and beyond. We hope that our network of colleagues will produce some excellent young candidates for our staff in the coming weeks so we can move ahead with their training and integration into our work. We are finding that what used to take years for us to form new trained ICA colleagues, now can be done in months, with the intensity of demand that our programming presents. These are exciting new images for us which are raising the standards for the preparation of all of our staff.

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Location: Montréal

This week we welcomed an international intern to the organization. Flora-Janna Rosenow is a German who is currently undertaking studies in the Netherlands. She is completing a Bachelor of Commerce degree, with a major in International Business and Languages and a specialization in International Event Management. As part of her university work placement program, Flora will be joining us until the end of December as a full-time communications and marketing and intern. Her main tasks will be to provide coordination and support for the Working Gifts Program and other fundraisers, as well as support other communications roles of the secretariat. Colleagues from national ICAs should have the opportunity to meet Flora (virtually) as she will be in contact soon regarding Working Gifts.

Audra is settling in after a hectic first two weeks, and she and Renée have been busy with the organization of the HIV/AIDS fundraising event, as well as looking more broadly at communications strategy. They are both excited to have the opportunity to attend an ICA ‘Community Development Intensive’ course in Toronto August 10-14, instructed by Bill Staples of ICA Associates. It is a 5 day course which covers the full cycle of community based change. They will have the opportunity to see how ICA methods have been used in the community development context, and will learn, among other things, how to ensure grass roots participation, motivate groups to action and generate a sustainable development process. It will be without any doubt a very interesting and enriching experience for them.

Michael was kept busy helping advance various intern projects, writing and submitting a major grant application for the schools program, and continuing to develop further programs for forestry and HIV and AIDS. Lambert travelled to Switzerland at the invitation of The Forests Dialogue, where he has contributed to an ongoing global dialogue on ensuring sustainable forest management with the meaningful participation of indigenous peoples and local forest users. From Switzerland he travels to Ghana, where he will be meeting with various government and natural resource sector officials to lay the groundwork for the UNFF Major Groups meeting that ICAI will be coordinating in Ghana next year.

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