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Weekending: Saturday 2009 07 25


Location: Sydney

We are making up for lack of regular Buzz contribution, so this is a brief report highlighting some activities of many members of ICA Australia. 

As many of you know we are an ICA made up of voluntary members, and much of our work and activities are done in and through our volunteer study or work places. Many of these activities may seem small, and are just part of what we do, but then they all add up to making a difference!

Members have spent more time in Melbourne working on the archives for ICAA. Members have been actively involved in launching the Global ToP Research gathering in Taipei in September.  The Sydney Development Circle hosted a lively Forum last month on Indigenous issues facing Australia, with ICA A members leading this and other Indigenous initiatives. ICA A members are assisting Zambian-Australian colleagues with strategic planning and fund-raising for educational projects in Zambia, through the collection of unwanted 5 cent coins..JUST A 5 CENT COIN! The innovative 0-5 Early Childhood Program run by Good Beginnings at Ashfield Public School, was the location for the launch of NAPCAN 's  National Champion for Children program, a role taken up by Therese Rein, our Prime Minister's wife. Students, staff and parents enjoyed rubbing shoulders with the pollies for the morning!

As an organisation, ICA Australia continues to specifically support the work of our colleagues in the Sub-continent and Timor Leste. The ICA A Faculty group continues to hold ToP module courses, refine the modules, and train new facilitators. Apart from all this we enjoy a fair bit of inter-town, inter-country visits and gatherings between various colleagues. You are always welcome.

Robyn Hutchinson           rjhutchinson@optusnet.com.au


Location: Dhaka

On 22nd July our current treasurer Moniruzzaman Ripon lost his mother. We were deeply shocked at the death and consoled him, praying for her departed soul. Aziz, Faruk, Fuad, Kabir, Manik, Nurul visited him offering their condolences. On 25th July we attended the religious event for the occasion at their residence in Mirpur.

On 25th July Aziz met ICA adviser Dr. Mahbub and Dr. Aman at Dhaka University. Aziz, Fuad and ICA adviser, Mr. Tayebur Rahman visited NGO Affairs Bureau to pursue the foreign donation registration program. Mr. Tayebur Rahman introduced ICA to his friend in the Bureau and requested him to accelerate the clearance process .

Staff           admin@ica-bangladesh.org


Location: Lima

The staff had an intensive week in Lima preparing for a continuous stream of programming beginning in four weeks, with a holiday week in between.  The AVANZA PERU curriculum was reviewed again, and adjustments made in preparation for the next program.  Several participants were contacted for their reflections on the program after putting their learnings into practice for several months, a process which keeps us constantly in contact with the reality of the communities we serve. 

Also, major curriculum work was initiated this week for the DUPLIQUE SUS RESULTADOS program in December for professional field staff of our partner institutions.  We have 7 staff members involved in this large upgrade of our curriculum to make the 3-week program an impactful event for these more experienced participants.

Meanwhile preparations were going on for next week when Peru celebrates its independence and things pretty much shut down for the week.  The staff is taking discontinuity for 5 days, and then we are all going to Azpitia for the final weekend to do a workday and have a great celebrative time together.  More about that next week!

Staff          admin@ica-peru.org


Location: Montréal

Last week we were busy interviewing candidates for the Development and Communications Officer position and we were fortunate to meet a number of very interesting, talented and motivated candidates. We hope to welcome a new member of staff to support development and communications functions in the very near future.

Renée has been busy supporting fundraising efforts for two different projects: the Schools Program and the HIV/AIDS fundraising event. She has confirmed the venue for this event - the Montreal Intercontinental Hotel – and is working with outside volunteers on arranging the food and entertainment for the evening. In addition to raising money for HIV and AIDS work, the event promises to raise the profile of ICAI in the local community and help spread awareness of the Institute’s work around the world.

Nicolas has continued to support translations of key documents into Spanish, and is also working on a proposal to the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) to join the International Youth Internship Program, a program which places highly educated and motivated young Canadians in overseas placements.

Next week we welcome Duncan Holmes from ICA Associates to the office for a visit, and look forward on sharing recent news with him. We have also set aside a full day for planning where we will look at the work plans that will take us until the end of 2009.

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