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Weekending: Saturday 2009 07 04


Location: Dhaka

On July 3rd. Dhaka City Corporation Councilor of 24 Ward, Mr. Niser Uddin Ahmed Kajol, distributed the school bags, school uniforms and the June stipend, to 30 street children under the project supported by TUC Japan, Surjodoy Sangsad and ICA Bangladesh. Ripon, Aziz, Nurul, Fuad and their teacher were present in the Surjodoy Sangsad.

Shamim and Mizan visited Chandpur Ghoramara Project on 2nd. and 3rd. of July. Mizan is helping Iqbal in implementing the Micro-action project on HIV/AIDS in the Ghoramara Project. Selina implemented her own micro project, on HIV/AIDS awareness-raising training, among Garment Workers on 1st July in Dhaka. Fuad and Ripon helped her in implementing the project in the Peerless with more than 70 participants.

Pintu developed a poster to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS at the grass roots level. It is to be distributed to barbers in Tangail Municipal Town on July the 5th.

An NGO called Padakkhep, working with Street Children in DhakaCity, called Aziz on 5th. July. They are hoping to share their work and interest, and possibly partner with us.

Staff           admin@ica-bangladesh.org

MENA Middle East and North Africa (Egypt):

Location: Bin Sueif South of Cairo 120km

Last Tuesday, ICA MENA, seized the opportunity made by Voice of America, celebrating 30 years of working in Egypt, to hold a cultural event among 60 Youth both male and female from schools and the university. The event became a competition by playing CDs of interviews with top Egyptian writers, musicians, artists and other famous cultural figures. We then explained to the Youth how to write articles, and gave them time to write about what they had listened to and to add their own information or background. This was done through an instructor specialized in the field. We started at 10am and finished at 5pm. The competition was for Egyptian Youth from all over Egypt. The winners will be rewarded.

Due to the efforts of our ICA staff in Binsuef, it was a very successfully day for the promotion of ICA activities, and to the building of a good relationship with American organizations.

We returned to Cairo in the evening with the temperature at 42 degrees and no airconditioning. I had to take the items for the break one day before the event.

Now, as this past event turned out to be so successful, I think we should organize other cultural events on a monthly basis, as I believe in doing so we will be able to promote more Development work.

Assem Kamal


Location: Lima and Azpitia

We have just completed the first week of another AVANZA PERU 3-week leadership formation program, this time with a very mature and motivated group of community leaders from the Sierra of Ica.  They have great ideas for their communities which have been greatly impacted by the mining in the area and in need of a diversification of income and the restoring of the iniative of the people to sustain their own lives.

Meanwhile, Luis Tarazona has begun work in Lima and is working on an exciting new project in Complementary Currency Systems for local communties.  Shu Sun will be arriving soon from the UK to volunteer for a month and join in the development of this new venture.

Staff           admin@ica-peru.org



We began a study series on the book 'What Got You Here Won't Get You There,' and held our regular 'Truth About Life' dialogue on Education.  

Dick and Gail continue with personal mentoring. 

The whole team, including local colleagues, is working on the new Group Facilitation Module 1, to be launched for the first time in mid July. 

Larry finishes mentoring and facilitator training in Jakarta, Indonesia and is on his way for the first UN leadership program in Santiago Chile which will include a couple of days with ICA Chile colleagues.

 Gail West         icataiw@ms69.hinet.net


Location: Chicago IL

Planning for the future
As the month of June rolled in, more than 40 ICA-USA colleagues, board and staff, gathered in Chicago for a weekend long strategic planning retreat to plan and prepare for ICA-USA's future. Colleagues Cheryl Kartes and Sheila LeGeros led this important organizational meeting of the minds.

Using ICA methods, attendees discussed a variety of unique ways ICA-USA can work to extend its reach. Among the ideas documented was online ToP training and the introduction of day long, intro to ToP courses.  In true ToP fashion, attendees worked to create a Wall of Wonder, a technique traditionally used in ToP training to help participants visualize change over time. Begun virtually in advance of the retreat, the Wall was completed during the retreat and displayed in the main meeting room.  Notes from the retreat will be compiled into recommendations at the end of the summer and presented to the ICA-USA Board of Directors for review.

Preserving the Past
ICA-USA colleagues Terry Bergdall, Beret Griffith, Cheryl Kartes, Jim Litton, Evelyn Philbrook, Marge Philbrook, David Scott and Sandra True, along with ICA-USA Executive Director Nino Tillman and ICA-USA Director of Resource Development and External Affairs Karen Sims, were among those who met in Chicago at the beginning of June to map out a plan for preserving ICAs rich history.  The Project is designed to both preserve and transform the collected wisdom of the Ecumenical Institute, the Order Ecumenical and the Institute of Cultural Affairs. In doing so, the Project team hopes the information contained in the Archives will inform social justice activities around the world.  The Archive Possibilities, Solutions, and Undertakings PSU Task Force, made up of colleagues old and new, are working to create a plan to accomplish this huge and historically important task. The group has decided to use the Global Community forums, town hall meetings in every county in the U.S., as a pilot project, documenting the process to demonstrate how the various archival methods will be used to make the entire collection usable.

Venita Griffin           vgriffin@ica-usa.org


Location: Montréal

The auditing process is finally coming close to an end. The auditors spent a full day at the office going through all of our 2008 activities. While they were very satisfied with their day’s accomplishments, we are expecting them to come by the office again next week, in order to finalize the process. Julia has been actively contributing with the auditing process, communicating and exchanging relevant information with the auditors.

Michael and Renée attended a meeting with the Montreal School Board, regarding the new Global Citizen School Program that we have developed. It is designed to guide and empower our youth, and provide them with the skills needed to provide global leadership in their adulthood. The meeting went very well, and Renée is currently working on an action plan for the program.

Since Lambert’s return from the Forest Dialogue in Switzerland, he has been actively continuing his work regarding the implementation of the REDD program and the challenges it faces.

Michael has been invited to attend an International meeting of conference organizers in South Africa, where they will explore ways they can support us regarding the organization of future conferences. He will also take time off to visit members of ICA South Africa. He left this week, and will be back in the week of the 13th of July.

Julia Bergel           jbergel@ica-international.org