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Weekending: Saturday 2009 06 20


Location: Dhaka

Over the last week, from 15 to 21 June, we held a staff meeting at the ICA office every day. These meetings were to deal with various office management issues, and to prepare for deadlines for implementation of two projects: Street Children in Dhaka City, supported by TUC Japan; and, Orphan High School Children in Bagerhat, supported by Taipei American School Foundation.

Fuad, Nurul and Galib worked hard painting the classroom, which is now equipped with lighting, running water, a toilet, and a sign for the Street Children Project. They also distributed the remaining books, notes, school bags, and stipends last week. This week the school uniforms will be distributed.

Nurul visited different training institutes in Dhaka to make a list of appropriate training programs. One of the Sidr-affected orphan high school children is finishing high school and has requested vocational training; the course fee alone costs 12000 taka (almost USD $200).  We have decided that we are able to support him, since other students will require less for different courses. We strongly believe that this will be an important investment that will help him build a livelihood to support himself and his family.

Aziz, Ripon and Nurul were all very busy with the Home Ministry Clearance for NGO Bureau registration. On 18 June Aziz met the Home Minister. On 17 June Aziz met a Member of Parliament, Asaduzzaman Noor, to pursue the application. Sujit is trying his best to connect in this regard.

On 20 June Fuad, Kamruzzaman, Nurul and Aziz discussed the implementation of HIV/AIDS micro action projects.

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Location: Pune

The second phase of JICA project for April, May & June 09, began with a number of key activities:

1) Completing the installation of pipes for the Lift Irrigation Scheme in one of our cluster villages named Katarkhadak. This irrigation system consists of 1050m of piping, with 2 motor pumps to draw water from the lake. The scheme irrigates about 56 acres of land for 56 farmers, and mainly supports the growth of a second crop, such as wheat, chick peas, vegetables etc. The pipeline is now installed and the total scheme will be completed by the end of September of this year.

2) Planting 10,000 forest and fruit trees in 4 villages; the trees will be planted this month and next, after the start of the monsoon.

3) Training farmers: We have just completed a three day training session for 58 farmers on the subjects of Agriculture, agro forestry and the development of dairy production. We invited experts from the government who very effectively conducted the training, which took place at our training center at Talegaon.     more pictures

4) Initiating a dairy project: We are purchasing 7 milk animals this month. We plan to purchase a total of 30 animals with JICA funding during the project period, however, we also plan to help farmers to buy additional animals through bank loans.

Two Japanese are currently working with us in Pune: Ms. Kayo Goda, staff of ICA Japan, who is helping to manage finance and the overall coordination of the project, and Dr. Dei, an engineer in biotechnology, who is helping us on the biogas and irrigation projects.

We now have ten Indian staff working on this project: four staff operate from the Pune office, two field officers are based at our second office at the training center, two staff work locally at the project site, and two manage the training center and nursery.

We thank ICA Japan (especially Wayne and Shizuyo) for continuous support and partnership on this project with us. We look forward to making this project a great success.

Shankar Jadhav           icaiindia@vsnl.net
Project Manager (JICA), Executive Director, ICA Pune.


Location: Lima -- Chincha

This week we had the opportunity to interview and hire one of our AVANZA PERU grads from Feb. 2007 who has since finished his university and built a solid base of experience in community projects.  We are very please to welcome Luis Tarazona to our staff where he will be learning our methods and moving into a role of leadership, especially in our Implementation Programs in the field.  At age 27, luis represents the third generation of professional staff on the ICA staff in Peru.

Luis will also be working with Ken Hamje to build a new program model for rural Business Incubators for the Sierra.  They will be preparing for the arrival of Shu Sun on July 16th from the UK where he just graduated from Cambridge with a Masters Degree in Business Consulting.  We are looking forward to an exciting new program to emerge from this creative interaction as Shu spends one month with us to get the program off the ground.

On Tuesday, Gloria Santos went to Chincha to initiate another group of 30 women's industry Promoters as this program continues to build the incomes of hundreds of women in this city still struggling to recover from the earthquake of Aug. 2007. 

The rest of the team has been writing reports to receive our funding and preparing for another AVANZA PERU coming up shortly.

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Location: Montréal

This past week Lambert travelled to Switzerland, at the invitation of The Forest Dialogue, to provide critical input into the REDD process (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation). REDD is seen by many as an effective means for achieving both climate change and development objectives, by essentially paying for the protection of forests (with money being generated through the sale of carbon credits). However, the scheme has significant flaws, and unless major changes are introduced, poor, forest-dependent individuals and communities could end up being the big losers. Lambert returns to the office this week in time for final audit preparations.  

Michael and Marilu assisted colleagues in South Africa and Bangladesh in submitting proposals to the UN Habitat Youth-Led Urban Development Fund. We now await news on the outcome of the selection process. This week was particularly busy as we were excited to welcome three new people to our team in Montreal:

Nicolas De Guzman has joined us for 2 ½ months as a programs intern.  Nicolas is originally from Ecuador but spent time living in both Colombia and the United States before moving to Canada. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and a Diploma in international human rights law. He has assisted the teaching of political thought and human rights law at university level, and is currently completing a Masters degree in Political Science with a development studies option at McGill University. Before returning to Canada he worked for 3 years with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia  as an advisor and program coordinator, helping to increase the role of the Colombian Diaspora in contributing to Colombian development. Nicolas will be working to support a variety of programs, as well as assisting with Spanish translations.

Marie-Eve Gagnon is joining us over the summer as a Communications intern. Marie-Eve has a Bachelors degree in Business Management with a specialization in marketing and international management, and she is currently completing a Masters degree in International Studies. She has a wealth of communications experiences including writing and editing for publications and coordinating the communications strategy of the Montreal Junior Chamber of Commerce.  Marie-Eve has traveled widely and spent a year living in India which instilled in her a passion for cultures and for creating positive change. She will be assisting with a range of communications and outreach functions.

Renée Hébert joins the staff team in the full time role of Programs Officer. She holds a Bachelors degree in social sciences from the University of Ottawa and a Masters degree in Sociology from the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). She has worked for the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants as a communications assistant and special projects coordinator.  She brings strong research, analysis and communications skills to the team and will be working to support a number of programs, including the Global Leadership Program for Schools. Renée is perfectly bilingual (English and French) and is currently learning Spanish.

I know that you will all join us in warmly welcoming Nicolas, Marie-Eve and Renée.

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