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Weekending: Saturday 2009 06 06


Location: New Zealand

Exploring the future of ToP training NZ

A number of people from the ToP Australasian faculty and friends visited Te Mauri Tau in New Zealand, the community where most NZ ToP courses have been run from, for a two day meeting, June 2-4.

A range of conversations were had, including reconnection with the roots of the training in work such as imaginal education and the 5th City project. We spent time identifying the  kaupapa  essence, purpose, philosophy -  of the ToP and why we are training people in it.

Some underpinning principles were articulated, and these opened up new ways of working and sharing. These conversations were borne out of an ongoing care for ensuring that facilitation training is culturally appropriate and grounded in local cultural practices.

We look forward to sharing the next steps in this journey as they unfold.

Michelle Rush and Helen Ritchie, New Zealand           rush.m@xtra.co.nz


Location: Chandpur

On 2-4 June, Nurul and Mizan worked in the ICA Ghoramara  community in Chandpur. Nurul talked to teachers, students and guardians of community children and appointed a new teacher - Didarul, from June 2009. Mizan organized dressmaking training to be facilitated by Bulu Begum from the community.

Nurul started taking a class for street children from 6 June. Fuad is attending a training session on ToT conducted by Acid Survivors Foundation from 7 June. Aziz had meeting on 4 June with advisers, Dr. Mahbub and Dr. Aman, and guardians, Mr. Sujit, Mr. Bin Kashem and Dr. Jahan.

On 2 June Aziz also discussed with a high level police officer, DIG Manjur Kader Khan, Commandant, mohera Police Training center, about ICA's ToP leadership training program to be introduced to police staffs. He also advised talking to police reform Project Director Joint Secretary Nababikram Tripura, for policy level decision making.

Staff           admin@ica-bangladesh.org


Location: Brobo Cote d Ivoire

This week we were excited to report on the initial outcomes from work on small projects that are supporting micro-enterprise development, as well as agriculture and food security, in the Brobo area.  We hope to provide highlights, including photos, as the projects develop.  

Eugene           cotedivoireica@yahoo.fr


Location: Lima

This week we launched an entirely new program, DUPLIQUE SUS RESULTADOS -- Double Your Results -- with an exciting brochure and several initial contacts.  The 3-week intensive course will be offered in the Azpitia Training Center during the first three weeks of December for 30 professional staff people who are working directly in rural communities. 

This is a big step for our staff as we begin to serve those who work for NGOs, companies and public agencies who have personnel working in the field with communities.  We have been asked for years to assist in training these staff people in our methods, but we know that more is needed than intellectual methods training.  Through the DSR program we will be able to change the consciousness of many people who have direct influence over the effectiveness of community development programs.  The ICA-Peru staff is excited about the prospects of working with three or more staff from a variety of organizations in the same 3-week program.  More about this as our experience develops.

This week we had a visit from Judith Hamje who spent a half day with us sharing some exciting methods from her Habitat for Humanity training experience. We also received a suggestion from ICAI staff to apply for a grant from UN Habitat for youth-led development initiatives, and that will proceed next week with a group of 350 young university grads who want to be of service in the urban barrios of Peru.

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Location: Montréal

Michael traveled to Ottawa with a colleague from the Canadian Environmental Network to attend an Environmental Funders Forum.  There were a range of Ontario-based funding organizations that were on hand to discuss their programs related to the environment. There was an interesting mix of funders, from small family foundations, to corporate donors and the Canadian Environment Ministry.  The situation of donors during this global economic recession ranged from the expected - funding freezes for 2009 – to the encouraging – extra money available for local environmental initiatives. The majority of programs described related to small local environmental initiatives (greening urban spaces, planting native trees) and unfortunately none dealt specifically with funding for international initiatives. However it was incredibly useful to meet with the funders present to further understand their priorities and requirements and to build relationships for future opportunities.

Michael and Julia participated in a board finance committee meeting, and Julia continued to learn more about the added functionality and features of the updated accounting software, as she continued to keep the finances in order.

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