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Weekending: Saturday 2009 05 23


Location: Sydney, Brisbane

On the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the T-Room at the Wayside Chapel the Richmonds spent several days in Sydney.  So on Wednesday eve May 6th Collegues gathered at John and Robyn Hutchinsons house and shared stories of their work and activities.  We also had a chance to meet Krishna Khanal from Nepal who is in Australia for studies. On May 18-19 Marg Endicott and Elaine Richmond led a Strategic Thinking and Planning Module in Brisbane with 14 participants, some of whom were from the faculty team getting experience as observers.

Elaine Richmond           richmonder@iinet.net.au


Location: Dhaka

On 22 May ICA monthly taskforce meeting and Project Team meeting was held at ICA office. Kabir, Manik, Fuad, Ripon, Shipon, Forhad, Arshad, Sarwat, and Aziz were present. The monthly meeting proposed several issues. Ripon facilitated agenda setting, foreign donation and NGO Bureau clearance and membership subscription agenda. Forhad facilitated office equipment, street children project, and fundraising agenda. Aziz facilitated Chandpur village project, Sidr orphan high school and working gifts agenda.

On 22 May, Jabber from Canada visited ICA office. He visited ICA Canada and some other potential organizations during Aziz's visit last year in Canada. He appreciated  ICA office location and infra, activities and introduced one of the HR manager of a corporate  Sabuj who might hire ICA for training of their staffs.

Fuad, Shipon, Leena and Aziz left Dhaka on 23 May evening for Sharonkhola, Bagerhat. Indrajit arrived there beforehand on 21 May.  Milon and Nazrul from Sharonkhola sent the final list of students and trainings to head office on 22 May.

Mizan is assisting Chandpur team in connecting the Ghoramara community with DC and accelerate the dressmaking project by providing training through making dress for school kids.

Fuad took some pictures on 22 May for TUC Japan supported Street children Project for documentation. Fulki is now going to be the ICA's children educational, urgent needs and training project. the terms was coined by Fuad and advised by Aziz to indicate ICA's children development initiatives like sparking.

Staff           admin@ica-bangladesh.org



We prepared a list of 20 large and small proposals for 2009, and Pune is already funded.  One funder called us to ask for a proposal for an African project, to be presented to them in June.

Naomi returned to ICA Japan after delivering her baby.The last 2008 conference funding arrived April 30, and we received the last surprise bill in April. A new summary financial report will be prepared in the near future.

We are imensely enjoying our new professional office with better communications, a 20 percent reduction in rent, and being located in the midst of a thriving shopping district.

Wayne and Shizuyo           staff@icajapan.org


Location: Azpitia and Lima

We closed out what we think was our very best AVANZA PERU  3-week leadership formation program this week in Azpita, and sent an excited group of new community leaders back to their four communities in Huancavelica.  We will be sending staff out to work with them for a couple of days in each of the coming months to help them jump-start their facilitation skills by organizing and leading real events in their communities.

Meanwhile the marketing team made several important contacts and held three appointments which both promise to fill the last program slot in our 2009 calendar, and start the scheduling for 2010. 

The program flyer moved along this week for the new DOUBLE YOUR RESULTS program for field staff of agencies servicing villages.

A special event in our staff this weekend was the 15th birthday of Cinthia Aburto -- the birthday which symbolizes the coming of age in Peru.  She was taken on a very special family journey to explore the wonderful mountains of Huaraz, which is truly the Switzerland of the western hemisphere.  What a journey!

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Location: Montréal

This past week we enjoyed wonderful spring weather and lots of activity in the office. Michel Greiche began full time, and started to work on strategy for key communications and fundraising tasks. We were also excited to welcome three new interns to the office:

Nadja Popovich recently completed an honours degree in International Development and Environmental Science at McGill university. She has interned with the BBC World Service in Belgrade, Serbia, and has served as a staff writer and photographer for the McGill Daily newspaper. She will be with us for the next seven weeks, assisting with research, writing and interviewing national ICAs about their work for the annual report.

Alison Withers is an upper level undergraduate student of political science and economics at McGill university. She has been a news editor at the McGill student newspaper as well as an intern on an international project in Cambodia. She will be with us over the next six weeks, assisting with annual report writing and interviewing, as well as with design and layout.

Marilu Davalos is a Mexican national who recently relocated to Montréal with her family. She has a bachelors degree in International Relations and a Masters degree in International Politics from the Universite Libre de Bruxelles. She has worked with government and the private sector in a variety of roles, including project coordination and public relations, and has volunteered in support of orphans and social development. She speaks English and French and is currently teaching Spanish. Marilu will be with us over the summer, working both to support the annual report, and to continue some of the work with national ICAs that our earlier interns began.

Julia continued to get the books in order for the 2008 audit, while Lambert and Michael moved ahead with school program outreach and forestry-related grant proposals.

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