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Weekending: Saturday 2009 04 11


Location: Dhaka

Janet and Lauren left Dhaka after having a busy 7 days with 2 day Social Artistry Training at Democracywatch and 2 day Effective Community Responses to HIVAIDS Training at Pacific Inn from 6-9 April. On 10 April there were on site visits including language monument, parliament building, garment factory, national poet's shrine, and river Buriganga and its surroundings. Ripon and Naimul made this tour a great success.

Today one day ToP started. This is the new training design we are practising based on our December 2008 work with Maria and Richard Maguire. We need badly to have one day training on ORID, Workshop method, Action Planning. On 11 April Evelyn trained 8 people on ORID method at ICA office.

Tatwa and Shalik left Dhaka on 9 April on completion of Social Artistry Leadership Training and several meetings including guardian meeting, regional ICA meeting, and some visits of garment factories and ICA colleagues' businesses, Costa, Mafiz, Mithu and Shipon.

On 7 April we had for the first time formal guardian meeting at Democracywatch with 30 persons including NGO executives, politicians, university professors, government officials, ICA members, staffs and facilitators. It described ICA activities and our mission.

On 10 April we selected a location for our street children, the project will be inaugurated on 15 April at 6pm. Bangladesh Labor Welfare Foundation expressed a desire to worki with us as a partner. We decided to run a full-fleged center for 30 children with TUC support for2009. Evelyn will be present as special guest at the event. Policy maker MP and MD, Desh TV, Mr. Asaduzzaman Nur, will be the chief guest of the event on 15 April.

On 9 April, Nicolien invited facilitators for a dinner at her house. Janet, Lauren, Aziz, Yahya and Evelyn were present. It was a very wonderful reception. ICAB thanks Nicolien for hosting such a gathering in which we shared our trainings, microgrants for micro projects on HIV AIDS, supports from Evelyn, Tatwa, Lauren and friends of Jan-Marjorie, Lauren and handicrafts women.

On 10 April we had a farewell dinner at the White house Hotel in which Jan, Evelyn, Lauren, Aziz, his wife and mom, Fuad, Namul, Arshad and Shamim were present to see them off.

Aziz           admin@ica-bangladesh.org


Location: Japan

ICA Japan Office Move
We have successfully moved from an office based in a home, to a real office in the center of thriving community and near a major train station.  It really feels great to be working all together in one large modern room, one floor below a thriving new age band center.

Area Promotion
The population of agriculture families in Japan is declining rapidly.  We need a 30 percent increase and we have only 2.9 percent. Also we are struggling to make the shift to a non-chemically grown food for health and safety reasons.  Therefore we have submitted a proposal for participatory community planning and building a model community over the next three years.

NTT Eco Tour
Eiki and Kayo, along with 20 members of NTT Union left for a one week eco-tour to the northern community of Moc Chou, Son La Providence, where they will plant trees, build toilets, go on home stays and enjoy rural life with the delightful villagers.

Wayne and Shizuyo           staff@icajapan.org

MALAYSIA LENS International

Location: Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

This report extends beyond one week.  We are pleased to announce that five Singaporean facilitators have now achieved the designation of  Certified ToP Facilitator.  They have all gone through an intensive mentoring process, being observed on six occasions each with detailed feedback both written and face to face.  Ann and John Epps have served as mentors and feel they have learned as much or more than and candidate facilitators. 

Ann also facilitated a retreat for the Laos UNDP group and Ann and John facilitated two strategic planning sessions for two Malaysian financial companies - an interesting pair of events during the economic downturn!  As reported by Peru and UK ICA's, the demand for training seems only to have increased during these interesting times.  This week we turned down or passed on to colleagues 3 different requests for facilitation and training, including one from WHO. What a life!

Ann Epps           annepps@pd.jaring.my


Location: Lima

This is Holy Week, and in Lima, and all across Latin America, it is a time when the largely Catholic population enjoys a week of celebration. 

In spite of our offices being closed, Gloria Santos went to Chincha to initiate another 15 neighborhoods of women's industries after the very successful Promoters training in Azpitia last week.  Also, Jesusa Aburto and Alex Borjas prepared for another 11 days of Implementation around the country beginning Monday.

Ken Hamje met with a group to make arrangements for our first community consultation in the deep selva on the border of Brazil, and Alison Hamje completed the contracting of another Avanza Peru for May.  But the staff still managed a few days of much appreciated discontinuity in the midst of keeping the mission moving.