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Weekending: Saturday 2009 03 14


Location: Dhaka

On 10 March, Shamim and Iqbal visited ICA Ghoramara Human Development Project. They had a community meeting and discussed entrace gate permission, open space group formation, school teacher recruitment and swewing training participants. They interviewed 1 teacher from the community who became High School graduate this month. She will replace Shajib as he got a new job in Feni. The District Administration gave permission as the new support  committee visited and we are waiting for the formal letter.

Mamun, Fuad and Sikder are doing office work regularly on weekends. Aziz gave last 3 weeks fully for ICA as he got vacation from his University. On 11 March we completed NGO Bureau documentation and we are waiting for Kabir as he and his brother would like to help during submission.

On 12 March Aziz approached UNAIDS and some other NGOs working with AIDS for April training courses. April training is now finalized 2 day for Social Artistry 6-7 April, 4 days Community responses to HIVAIDS 8-11 and staff training and planning 12-15 April.

Aziz           admin@ica-bangladesh.org


Location: Canada

Jo Nelson, Jerry Mings and Wayne Nelson participated in another meeting of The Virtual Facilitation working group focused on virtual facilitation tools. This is a project initiated by the US ToP Trainers Network. The groups will be working on ways to integrate virtual elements into the facilitation process. We will be looking for ways to design facilitation engagements that enable us to use virtual tools for some or all of the partsof a facilitation project. Our focus is to be able to use the core ToP methods through the use of electronic technology.

Duncan Holmes taught Facilitated Planning at ICA's training centre. Bill Staples spent several days working in Saskatchewan with the provincial health ministry on their long range planning.

Jo Nelson and Duncan Holmes have been working on the curriculum for our new Organizational Transformation course. We will be using the Organizational Journey Map as well as the social process triangles and the organizational translation of them done by Team Tech  and published in The Facilitative Way by Priscilla Wilson.

Bill Staples and Wayne Nelson are negotiating with our landlord to extend the lease on our space and expand it.

Wayne Nelson           wnelson@ica-associates.ca


Location: Lima and Azpitia

The subject of permanent housing is now heating up for the tens of thousands of families who lost their homes in the 2007 earthquake and have no hope of rebuilidng with the expensive materials supported by the govennment.  ICA-Peru was contacted three times this week and made a presentation to a large group about our successful demonstration of building permanent and secure housing with native materials, a process which the people themselves can do.  We are attenpting to enable the powers that be to make a paradigm shift in how they approach the subject of housing for the masses.

Meanwhile the staff has been doing another major renovation prcess in the Azpitia Training Center, preparing for three upcoming programs for a total of seven weeks of training.  Some more specific planning is also in process for the planning consultation for the Belgica village in the selva, which will be our first serious project in the jungle on the border of Brazil.  We are greatly enlivened by the variety of demands on our time.

Staff           kenh@ica-peru.org


Location: Montréal

From Ghana, Lambert continued to work with colleagues at ICA Ghana on the preparation of the Underlying Causes of Deforestation workshop.

Michael worked with our School’s Program intern Eliza Urwin on fundraising outreach for the School’s program.  A number of interns had the opportunity to speak to directors of national ICAs regarding the projects for which they are currently seeking support.  We received many excellent submissions from national ICAs for the 2008 annual report – some are still outstanding and we hope to receive these reports in the coming days.  

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