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Weekending: Saturday 2009 02 28


Location: Chandpur

A community meeting was held on 20 February at Ghoramara Human Development Project in Chandpur, facilitated by Shamim and Aziz. A new village development committee formed and resolved for working with ICA team in cooperation with the district administration.

On 27 February Shamim had a meeting with the new committee. We are very pleased to have Mr. Shamim Ahmed as Community Facilitator and he is assigned to meet the community and facilitate ICA activities on weekend basis.

Mr. Nurul Islam Sikder appointed as Accounts Officer for ICA from the month of February has been working on accounts and finanance on every weekend. Aziz had a meeting with Nurul and Mamun ICA Program Officer and Audit Firm  - M N Islam on 27 February.

Fuad joined ICA after his final exam and interest to pay more dedicated time. On 25 February ICA submitted 1 research proposal for institutional grant and T M Abdullah Al Fuad, Muhammad Kamruzzaman as Research Intern submitted 2 promotional reserach proposals to Social Science Research Council, Ministry of Planning of the Government of Bangladesh.

Aziz           admin@ica-bangladesh.org


Location: Nepal

This week Government of Nepal nominated Tatwa P. Timsina, Shalik Ram Giri and Ram Raj P. Bhandari as the member of Nepal Tourism Year 2011. Shalik is nominated as marketing expert and Tatwa and Ram as the capacity building expert for the management of the tourism year. The government is planning to have more than 1 million tourists each year. To promote this objective, it is celebrating the Tourism Year in 2011.The committed is formed under the Tourism Minister of Nepal.  All the three members represent on behalf of ICA Nepal.

ICA Nepal is preparing for the Social Artistry training in March. There will be series of training on Social Artistry which will be facilitated by Janet Sanders and the team. ICA Nepal has started Social Artistry Initiative from early 2005.This week the management committee of the Changunarayan Learning Centre has been reformed. The Centre is slowly becoming sustainable. ICA Nepal is planning to implement a number of development activities through this centre in 2009.

From March 1, operation of ICA Associates will be formally started. The furnishing of this newly established office has been completed this week. Through this organisation, ICA Nepal is planning to carry out profit making activities such as training and facilitation on request.

Shalik Ram Giri           ica@icanep.wlink.com.np


Location: Around Peru

Jesusa Aburto and Alex Borja completed the first Implementation Plan community workshops in three Departments of Peru over the past two week, spending many hours in airports and buses in the process.  The results were dramatic and have already generated more programming for the coming months. 

It is now a standard part of our programming to train a group of 30 Promoters in our Azpitia Training Center for THREE weeks, and then do 4 months of follow-up implementation events in the provinces to support and motivate the new Promoters to use their new skills to accomplish significant projects in their communities.  It seems that this additional effort is multiplying the results of the formation training by multiples.

Meanwhile, the rest of the staff presented another fabulous 80 page program report to an Avanza Peru sponsor, and initiated the work on two new potential projects.  The program staff from Chincha were also with us for two days this week as we completed a redesign of the Womens Small Business project in Chincha in order to increase the motivated participation of the wormen who are eager to build their own businesses.  They are also excited about a major New Business Fair for next Saturday.

Staff           kenh@ica-peru.org


Location: Chicago


Marge Philbrook working in the archives.
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The Institute of Cultural Affairs-USA has recently formed an Archives Committee. Members of the Committee are:  Doug Druckenmiller, Bert Griffith, Marge Philbrook, David Scott, Nancy Trask and Sandra True.

The intent of the Archives Project is to take the basic steps necessary to create a digitized archive of the 170, five-drawer filing cabinets (2,300 cubic square feet) that contain documents, manuals, reports, course curriculum, letters, speeches, outlines, original songs/plays, videos, audio tapes and artifacts.  The goal is to make the ICA-USA Archives accessible, digitized and searchable. 

The Archives will highlight effective and realistic ways that can help every community to address their current crop of social dilemmas.  The archives can literally point to ways people can come together with proven methods to initiate public engagement, collaboration and consensus, and problem solving.

One of the underlying precepts of the ICA is that the programs, courses and methods that were developed should be replicable. They should be open and available for copy and use by anyone who would need them.

The Archives Committee will be seeking funding for the project.  The Project is expected to be completed within three years. More information and specific ways you can help will be available in the coming months.  

Cheryl Zaleski          czaleski@ica-usa.org 


Location: Montréal

Lambert traveled to Ottawa to meet with leadership at the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) to discuss possible partnerships. IDRC contributed funds for the 2008 training program in Montreal, and there are a variety of additional ways that our organizations may be able to work together.

Michael spent much time dealing with administrative backlog while he continued to work with interns on identifying funding opportunities for national ICAs.

Staff           info@ica-international.org