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Weekending: Saturday 2009 02 14


Location: Canberra

ICA Australia was invited to give the National Library of Australia (NLA) files of community projects, research programs, social methods, study papers, art work and practical tools, developed globally and within Australia from the 1960's onwards. Materials were initially sorted from 12 filing cabinets kindly housed by a colleague family in Adelaide.  These contributions were given to NLA in March 2002. These materials now fill 90 Archival boxes in the newly constructed NLA Repository in Canberra, ACT, the nation's capital. 

These boxes sit proudly sharing space on shelves standing 21 metres tall and represent an energetic period of life in ICA when many colleagues from across the globe worked in Australia. This past week Katrin Ogilvy and Elaine Telford with practical support of John Telford spent an exciting 3 days in Canberra.  Guided by NLA staff, they composed and recorded descriptive titles of the contents within each box.  These will be published in the NLA Newsletter.  Materials will soon be available online. Contact for further information thetelfords@gmail.com

Jeanette Stanfield           jstanfield@ica-associates.ca


Location: Dhaka Chandpur

On 13 February Shamim and Iqbal attended the community meeting in Chadpur Ghoramara Human Development project. The new 11 memebr village development committee raised some issues including leadership, fundraising for rickshaw, sewing and tubewell. For ICA we need a well-accepted village development committee approved by District Administration. As follow up, Aziz and Shamim had a community meeting on 14 February to analyze leadership issues and how we can work for entrance gate, cooperative for sewing, rickshaw and tubewell. They gave a week to revive the committee for taking immediate necessary steps. ICA team fixed next Friday 20 February for follow-up visits and community meeting.

On 13 February ICA General Meeting 2009 was held and approved Budget 2009, Action Plan 2009, New taskforces that include new members and volunteer staffs. Nicolien was also present in the meeting and added valuable advice and inputs to budget, action plan and fundraising issues.



Location: Canada

Bill Staples taught 4 days of Group Facilitation woith groups from the Parkland Regional Health Authority in northern Manitoba.

Jo Nelson taught Group Facilitation to a very full house this week. The course included 2 Youth as Facilitative Leaders coordinators from Sudbury in northern Ontario.

John Miller and Jo Nelson taught our new course - Advanced Facilitation Tools - this week. This is a 3 day course that teaches facilitators how to use a variety of ToP applications including the historical scan, frameworking, model building, model merging and tools that are built on the foundations of the conversation and workshop methods. This is the first of 3 new three day advanced course we will be teaching this year. It is the first sterp in an overhaul of our advanced ToP training curriculum. We will also be launching courses called Organizational Transformation - ToP tools for organizational change and development and Human Development - the foundations of ToP facilitation.

Wayne Nelson           wnelson@ica-associates.ca


Location: Azpitia--Lima

The staff closed out an exciting 3-week AVANZA PERU formation school for 28 emerging community leaders from Cajamarca in the impact zone of a projected large mining project.  The intensive curriculum had a week of focus on the cultural, economic and social aspects of the community, and included intensive Community Forum pedagogy with the participants facilitating actual Community Forums in Chincha. On the final Thursday of the program.Immediately on the closing of the program, Jesusa Aburto and Alex Borja left for two weeks of implementation follow-up with the participants of the previous AVANZA PERU program.  They will be working with teams in three departments of the country from Cajamarca in the far north to Cuzco in the far south.  This three month implementation follow-up program is a new program addition to the ICA-Peru offerings, and it appears that many organizations will be requesting this service in the future, beginning with a couple of commitments to be followed-up in the next couple of weeks.

Staff           kenh@ica-peru.org


Location: Montréal

This past week staff invited Sylvia von dem Busche (a German woman with many years of experience working with the German Development Corporation who has been volunteering at the office) to give a presentation on project impact monitoring for the student interns. The interns got a better sense of some of the key issues and complexities involved, and gained a greater appreciation for the importance of considering impact monitoring in project design. The interns continue to work to identify suitable donors for national ICA projects and are excited to move forward quickly. Staff finished the prospectus for the Global Leadership Program for Schools and will seek to widen the circle of interested schools in the coming weeks.

Staff           info@ica-international .org