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Weekending: Saturday 2009 02 07


Location: Chandpur

On 6 February, Shamim, Habib and Iqbal from ICA visited Chandpur Ghoramara Human Development Project and had a pre-settled community meeting with the newly formed ICA Ghoramara Human Development support committee. Dulal, Barek, Jahanara and Masud discussed different aspects of the project like school teacher, tubewell, sewing machine and rickshaw components. For appointing a new teacher and one extra room for class, the community expressed to take necessary steps in this regard. They fixed next Friday for another community meeting.

On 5 February Aziz and Mamun visited BRAC and talked to Monitoring and Evaluation officer Shahin and Human Rights officer Mantasha about ICA and its future interests.

On 5 February Aziz and Mamun also visited the Bureau of Non Formal Education and Mass Literacy and met Project Director Enamul Haque to discuss about street children project of ICA and also possible partnership for working with ICA. In that office UNICEF Project Officer, Education Section Debashis Ranjan Saha was also there and we could hear from him about UNICEF's support along with CIDA and SIDA to the Government of Bangladesh for the big project, Basic Education for Hard to Reach Urban Working Children.

Mamun, Nurul and Aziz are doing office work regularly on 3 days at the office on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and Mamun also works on other days. Fuad is finishing his exam soon and we are expecting to get him at the office from late February.

Aziz           admin@ica-bangladesh.org


Location: Canada

This is a catch-up report covering the last several weeks.

We have 4 public courses.

John Miller taught Meetings That Work in our training centre and Group Facilitation in Ottawa.

Jo Nelson taught Group Facilitation and our Designing Planning Systems course in Edmonton.

Bill Staples taught a special Group Facilition course for a health department in Manitoba, 2 group Facilitation courses for the public service in Whitehoprse Yukon and and Image change course for Saskatchewan Health in Regina.

Facilitation events - - Duncan Holmes worked with Aspect in Vancouver, British Colombia  and Jo Nelson led a strategic planning process with epidimiologists in Mississauga, Ontario.

Wayne Nelson


Location: Nepal

ICA Nepal adopting new strategy
The recent meeting of the board of ICA Nepal adopted a new strategy for its future direction. The board unanimously approved the proposal of establishing ICA Associates to launch profit making activities following the norms and regulations of Nepal Government. With the changing economic situations globally and change in national politics in Nepal, many NGOs including ICA Nepal are facing financial difficulties. ICA Nepal will be implementing its activities through profit making wing namely ICA Associates. ICA Nepal will continue its nonprofit status and ICA Associates as profit making status.

ICA A has new members in its management committee who have business background also. It has established its office at Bagbazar located at the downtown of Kathmandu. The office will have about 15 full time staff with background on training and facilitation. It has been agreed that at least 10 percent income of the ICA A will go to ICA Nepal. It is expected that ICA Nepal will have less financial problem to maintain its expense for office and 10 full time staff in Kathmandu. ICA Nepal will look for donation to continue its village level activities which are undertaken through other 25 staff nationally.

Sudan Paudel           ica@icanep.wlink.com.np


Location: Montréal

Lambert continued discussions with colleagues in the Coalition of International NGOs in Montreal (of which ICAI is a founding member) on obtaining subsidized office space from the city of Montreal.  The proposal is to secure space where a number of INGOs can establish offices, in order to benefit from increased cooperation and interaction as well as reduced office and overhead expenses. We have approached various city officials informally and have received some encouraging feedback;  we hope to have a formal request for more serious discussion on the table in the coming months.

Michael advised colleagues from ICA Bangladesh on setting up an effective internship program to support the work of their staff, and is looking forward to hearing how that program progresses.  Michael and Lambert continued to work with Eliza, the volunteer coordinator of the schools program, to develop and refine the program, in preparation for fundraising activities.

The fundraising support interns are busy at work researching donors for national ICA programs and reviewing possible channels for support.

Michael Watson           info@ica-international.org