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Weekending: Saturday 2009 01 31


Location: Chandpur-Dhaka

A community meeting was held at ICA Ghoramara Human Development Project in Chandpur on 30 January 2009. More than 60 villagers attended the great meeting. Manik, Shamim, Iqbal, Sanjida, Aziz were from ICA team. The meeting brought a big change in leadership for ICA work among villagers.

An 11 member new team called ICA Ghoramara Human Development Support Committee was formed including 8 men and 3 women to use ICA's efforts best for the community. The committee acknowledged ICA volunteers' contribution specially Maguires time with them. But for substantial effects of ICA support the new team became very optimistic.

ICA Dhaka team also met at its office on 31 January to discuss about Ghoramara project, new staff, street children of TUC project, budget and action plan 2009, AGM and memberships.

Mamun joined ICA as program officer on 27 January. He is anthropology  honors and masters graduate from Rajshahi University having experience of NGO and research work for 3 years. Mamun is appointed on probationary basis for six months. Now the total number of paid staffs of ICA Bangladesh is 10 part time and full time, regular and irregular as well.

Aziz met Dr. Mahbub on 27 January and discussed about GFC funded deforestation workshop reporting. We are expecting to publish a book by February.

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Location: Montréal

Michael and Lambert delivered a presentation to 20 high school principals in Montreal this week to introduce and discuss the Global Leadership Program for Schools. The presentation generated considerable excitement and a number of principals have requested that we visit their schools to present the program directly to teachers. The team will be working this week to prepare a 3 year business plan for the program.

Our new interns have begun settling in to a routine and some have begun working directly with national ICAs.

Michael represented ICAI on a panel discussing work in international development for those interested in entering the field. The audience included an interesting mix of younger graduates and mid-career individuals seeking new opportunities and challenges. There was much interest in the work of ICA and new volunteers may be recruited as a result.

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