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Weekending: Saturday 2008 12 20


ICAI featured on the front page of Montreal International’s Fall newsletter http://www.montrealinternational.com/oiBulletin/12-2008/montreal_intl.htm


Location: Dhaka

For ICA Bangladesg, 3 weeks of December 2008 was a very busy and productive time. ICA offered a 2 day community leadership training and action meeting during 11-12 December  in Bangla facilitated by Selina, Kabir, Khair and Aziz in the ICA Ghoramara Human Development Project.

Maria and Richard left Dhaka on 21 December for Sydney after having their 21 days during 1-21 December with ICA Bangladesh members. The1st week in Dhaka working on Japan conference reflection, community leadeship for Ghoramara Human Development Project Design and ICA Members Capacity Building Training Design. The 2nd week in Chandpur helping the team in doing a 2 day Community leadership training for 15 community leaders during 11-12 December and Community Action Planning on 12 December and 3rd and last week training for ICA members on ORID and Workshop Method, and workshops on Governance, .NGO Bureau Registration, Leadership, Brochure, Proposal Writing and strategic planning. This is Maguires' third time volunteering in Bangladesh.

On 19 December ICA Bangladesh had a meeting with Chandpur team for capacity building and Ghoramara community development project activities. Richard and Maria were present in the meeting. They promised to meet on last Friday of every month at Postmaster Lodge and expect to open Chandpur branch soon.

ICA Bangladesh expressed deep gratitude for Nicolien's support. Nicolien offered her place of Maria and Richard to stay and also for the training during 1-21 Decemebr.

On 16 December ICA Bangladesh for some individual donation for ICA activities. Nicolien raised Taka 10,000.00 and Maria's sister raised 18,000.00 taka for Bangladesh. Maria and Richard also declared their office rent support for 2009.

Richard and Maria expeirienced Eid in Chandpur on 9 December with Aziz, Bilal, Khair, Sahalam, Habib, Mizan, Kabir, Manik.

Aziz           admin@ica-bangladesh.org


Location: Toronto

ICA Canada held a reception on Wednesday, Dec 17, to congratulate our colleague, Saaya Tema Karmushu, on receiving the Jacques Hebert Global Citizenship Award from Canada World Youth.

Saaya is the project coordinator of the Il Ngwesi HIVAIDS Intervention, a partnership between ICA Canada and ICA Kenya.

Due, in part, to Saaya's hard work and dedication, the Il Ngwesi HIVAIDS Intervention has been an overwhelming success, and is being considered a model project for community HIVAIDS initiatives by the Kenyan Ministry of Health!

ICA Canada has been busy over the past few months, and is now winding down for the holidays. We'll resume work on January 8, 2009.

Happy holidays to all ICA friends, colleagues, and associates around the world!

Gabby Resch


Location: Lima

Last week the team completed a two week leadership training program in Azpitia for Promoters for agricultural programs in a Swiss funded NGO. Participants came from three regions of Peru and went home with concrete plans to move their communities ahead. ICA-Peru staff will be doing a three month follow-up program to fully implement the learnings of this training in their communities. This Implementation Program has now become part of our program offering, and several more are planned for 2009. This program has also opened the door to work with other NGOs to make their projects more effective by using the ICA Promoter program.

This week the staff had reports to write and money to pick up -- both joyful events. We were also able to take two half days to do some long term planning -- out to the year 2015. We now have and exciting vision, some solid contradictions, and a very exiting strategic plan which will turn into implementation in January.

As we close down our offices for this year, we with all of our colleagues a most joyful holiday season, and a fabulous Happy New Year to usher in the exciting year of 2009!

Staff           admin@ica-peru.org


Location: Montréal:

The office was busy this past week as we tried to take advantage of what was the last full week of work before the holidays.

Lambert and Michael continued exciting discussions with local school directors about a possible international education and leadership program for Quebec schools. The program will continue to develop in the months ahead, with collaboration with ICA Canada.

Lambert and Michael also had an interesting meeting with representatives from Brazilian NGOs who are working on launching a new corporate certification process to help protect biodiversity and ecosystem services (modeled, in some ways, after the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification process). The representatives were in Canada to meet with the Convention on Biological Diversity and other potential supporters in the environmental community. We recommended that they develop explicit recognition of issues of equity, human rights, and participation in the certification criteria and indicators.

We continued to follow up on various grant applications and discuss new opportunities for 2009.

We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season, and we look forward to continued collaboration in the new year.

Staff           info@ica-international.org