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Weekending: Saturday 2008 11 22


Location: Lima Chincha

Most of the staff has been involved in a major reworking of the curriculum for a new 2-week leadership development school, adapted from our 3-week Avanza Peru program for a special NGO client.  Aso, we have received permission to invoice for another 3-week Avanza Peru program in Azpitia which will give a solid start for our 2009 programming season.  More prospects for this program are in process for decisions in December.

Meanwhile we have completed a complex proposal for 400,000 dollars from the InterAmerican Foundation to create a model response to the massive number of single-mothers in Peru.  We have proposed, and IAF has expressed interest in doing, a three year empowerment project in Chincha to demonstrate the power of formation in teams led by volunteer Promoters, trained and supervised by ICA staff. We are very excited about the prospect of this project, as are the authorities here and the local and regional funding reps for the IAF.  It will be some months before we know when this will proceed, so in the meantime we can build a group of committed counterparts around the Project.

We are eagerly looking forward to hear the results from the Japan Conference!

Staff           admin@ica-peru.org


Locatio: Montréal

The 7th Global Conference on Human Development drew to a close on Friday, and the General Assembly meeting took place immediately afterwards, ending Sunday afternoon.

Some on-site technical issues were reported, making information sharing difficult during the sessions in Shirakawa-go, but we look forward to coming up to speed on the events in Japan in the coming days, and sharing the experience and outcomes with all of you as soon as possible.

Sarah and Lambert return to the office next week.

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