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Weekending: Saturday 2008 11 15


Location: Dhaka

12 members from ICA Bangladesh already got visa by this week, they purchased air ticket and tomorrow they are flying for Nagoya. Aziz, Sarwat, Fuad, Selina, Nicolien, Rafiqul, Shahadat and Mahbub are flying on Sunday early morning with Dragon Air and Cathy Pacific.

Dr. Mahbub is worried of his father's suddent health status deterioration. Costa, Michael and Mily are flying with Thai airways tomorrw at noon. Naimul is flying day after tomorrow with Dragon Air.

Naimul, Fuad, Nasrin, Aziz, Ripon are busy with Newsletter publication, t-shirt and craft items purchase and papers for Japan.

Naimul           admin@ica-bangladesh.org


Location: Montréal

The 7th Global Conference got off to a good start this week, with participants arriving from all corners of the globe to the Hida Earth Centre in Takayama, Japan, in time for yesterday’s opening ceremony. There will be good representation from the national ICAs at the General Assembly meeting in Shirakawa-go on November 22-23rd. We look forward to a rich discussion with meaningful input from every member. Stay tuned for online photos and updates from the conference!

Katie          katie@ica-international.org