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Weekending: Saturday 2008 10 11



The 7th Global Conference on Human Development

We provided by email personalized visa support materials to 112 more people from around the world, and submitted a detailed namelist of 432 people to go to about 55 embassies this week. 
Even with that accomplished, we get about 20 more requests every day, for specialized additional care!

Shizuyo and Casey went on funding calls almost every day, incluning Sunday!  And Wayne received a YES from TUC for conference funding!  Mr. Maruyama netting some funding for the special evening events, which you don't want to miss, starting Sunday night, the 16th of November!- - - - -

ICA Japan Global Partnership Center

Eiki left for two weeks in Vietnam, the first week hosting a tour of 20 Japanese, and the second week, coordinating the project to transform a dirty Hanoi lake in to a fine clean water lake using rafts with appropriate pants to do the cleaning.  And of course, using ToP methods with local government and nearby citizens to encourage active participation in all aspents of the lake cleanup.

Naomi is in Isinya Kenya till November 9, finishing the JICA project for agriculture and water, and another project for reforestation, along witl the ToP community consensus method.

Kaoru prepared to go to Bihar India to research an appropriate response for flood relief emerengy aid. working with ICA India and local NGOs.Administration.

Mr. Kurokawa and Kaoru visited the tax office again, to clarity what documents must be submitted to gain tax free status.- - - - -

Wayne Ellsworth


Location: Lima

Another 30 women journeyed from the earthquake zone of Chincha to the ICA training center in Azpitia to be trained for one week as Promoters of small industries.  Each pair of these women represent a sector with an average of 60 families who are committed and working to build their own small businees.  The week of training will include self esteem training, ICA workshop facilitation, workday organization and implementation, a field trip with a huge amount of exposure to new business ideas, leadeship roles practicum, child care organization, planning and implementing a great closing celebration, and a number of other related themes. 
Needless to say, the women are very excited and highly motivated by the opportunity to get away from home for a week to launch their new lives.  More on the results of the training next week.

Meanwhile, two new programs were designed this week and a couple of colleagues have already committed to work on one of them -- a program to exposed university youth to the extensive gifts of Peruvian cultural, of which they are mostly ignorant.  We see the real possibility of introducing thousands of youth to the very real and vital gifts of their own culture.

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Location: Montréal

Katie and Jane drove to Ottawa to meet with Peter Ellins to discuss future updates and improvements to the ICAI website. Peter provides the network with an invaluable service, by volunteering his time daily to manage many of ICAI’s communications needs, from maintaining the website to formatting and distributing the Buzz, Network Exchange and Unlock the Potential. It was great to sit face-to-face for a change, to talk about plans for maintaining an informative, user-friendly and warm website.

We have been actively meeting with a series of organisations in Montreal to build strong relationships and explore partnerships, including Oxfam and the English Montreal School Board.

Mike gave a lecture at McGill last week on the role and future of NGOs in advancing human development. He also met with the internship coordinator at McGill to strengthen our growing volunteer and intern support base in the office.

Like many of you, we’re making final arrangements (and getting excited) for our participation in the conference. Hope to see you there!