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Weekending: Saturday 2008 10 04


Location: Chandpur

ICA Bangladesh members celebrated Eid on 2nd October, Selina, Alamgir, Naimul, Shipon, Habib, Fuad, Sahalam, Manik, Aziz, Nasrin expressed greetings and prayed for prosperous ICA Bangladesh.

Some Japan conference delegate from outside ICA-Abul also greeted and showed interest to contribute to ICA work. We are hoping good partnerships in the near future.

ICA Bangladesh team had a community meeting on 4 October at ICA Ghoramara Human Development Project area. The meeting reviewed their community vision and action plan. They became very happy to know that Maria and Richard would come in the community for another planning session and heard aout raising some donation for the community. We discussed about possible support for a rickshhaw and sewing machine for girls. We also visited 3 tube-well sites for installation and repair. The community decided to have sewing training iduring October-November 2008 and one leadership training in October 2008. Khair, Ripon, Manik and Aziz were in the community meeting.



Location: Canada

Bill Staples spent the week in Vancouver teaching Group Facilitation and Facilitated Planning.

Jo Nelson attended the signing ceremony for the agreement over a major dispute between the Mohawk community of Akwasasne and Ontario Power Generation. Jo facilitated the key part of the negotiation process over a period of 3 years and led the team that negotiated the settlement agreement.

Duncan Holmes continued work with Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission.

Jo Nelson and John Miller facilitated a one day strategy building workshop in Peterborough, Ontario.

Wayne Nelson spent the week redesigning our web site to reflect a major change in our training programs. We have combined several 2 day advanced facilitator thrining courses into 3 courses - each three days long. We are also giving our website a fall cleaning and a face lift. It's a major project that will take a year. The face lift is stage 1. Following that we will continue developing interactive features that provide service to clients and facilitators. What would you like to see on our website?  How could our site be more useful to you?   We would love to hear from you. Take a look at our site again.    http://ica-associates.ca    Surf around it a bit. Please send any comments and suggestions to Wayne - wnelson@ica-associates.ca

Wayne Nelson


Location: Montreal

The Working Gifts program is in its proposal stage now and ICAs are updating their profiles to raise funds for community projects.  Working Gifts promotion will begin actively in the next month, so stay tuned for great gift ideas that support human development. 

Planning for the General Assembly is underway and members are making travel arrangements to Japan and holding meetings within their ICAs to discuss important issues they would like to see on the agenda.  For those not attending in person, information will be circulated in advance.

Sarah           info@ica-international.org