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Weekending: Saturday 2008 09 27


Location: Lima and Chincha

Some people have asked why we write this report almost every week, and what we do to prepare it.  For our staff it is an exercise in corporate action, as the preparation of the report gives us an excuse to pause and reflect on our week, and often celebrate the small actions which otherwise could go unnoticed.  It's a valuable exercise for us and we always try to make it happen. 

This week, four very helpful funding appointments were held in relation to the Japan Conference, the Women's Industries project and Quincha Moderna Housing projects in Chincha.  Curriculum development was completed for the upcoming first Women's Industry Promoters school which begins 12 October.  Meanwhile the field team made substantial progress in the recruiting of the Promoters for the 15 sectors in Sunampe, another District of Chincha. 

The field team of Rosa Carabajal and Juan Carlos Mateo is doing extremely well with their first assignment to work independently after being part of the work of ICA-Peru for less than a year.  They are both a wonderful testimony to the power of ICA methods to form new community leaders who can in turn make significant things happen the the communities.



Location: Chicago

On September 20, 2008, ICA USA held its second of three Local Conference Workshops in Troy, New York, in preparation for the 7th Global Conference on Human Development in Takayama, Japan in November.

More than thirty people, including ICAI staff members Lambert Okrah and Michael Watson, and ICA USA staff members Nino Tillman and Timothy Duszynski shared their insights on the topic of The Persistence of Poverty in this half-day session, which was facilitated by Sheila LeGeros, Sandra True and Lois Saboe.

On October 4, the third and last  ICA USA Local Conference Workshop will be held in Sausalito, California and will be hosted by Marcia Jaffe of the Bali Institute for Global Renewal, with the special assistance of  Lela Jahn and Don Bayer, and will be facilitated by Kathy McGrane, Jane Stallman and Jim Wiegel. 

On September 15-17, Cheryl Zaleski attended a ToP Strategic Planning course in Seattle, Washington, where she enjoyed her two-day session taught by Gordon Harper and Dorothea Jewell. Her coursemates came from various sectors, and included employees of The Boeing Company, Washington State Department of Health, Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, Sandia National Labs, Whatcom County Health Department, Just Health Action and others.

Cheryl Zaleski