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Weekending: Saturday 2008 09 13


Location: Toronto

On Tuesday, Gabby and Staci both attended a conference held by Artez Interactive at the new MARS Centre in Toronto. The conference featured a number of seminars designed to increase online fundraising capacity, maintain data integrity, and take advantage of new trends in web-use that apply to non-profit organizations. Gabby will be preparing notes on the seminars they attended, and will be happy to email them to anyone once they are ready.

Gabby Resch           gresch@icacan.ca


Location: Canada

Jo Nelson taught -Group Facilitation- in our training centre this week. Participants included one of our clients in Alberta Education with whom we are forming a long term relationship.  Jo also began work on a project to develop a strategic plan with Timiskiming Social Services covering a large area in Northern Ontario.

John Miller taught -Facilitated Planning- in our training centre.

Duncan Holmes spent the week facilitating workshops with Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission.

Bill Staples  taught -Metings That Work- to a group from the Ontario Public Service.

Jerry Mings, one of our associate trainers, taught -Group Facilitation- to a group from March of Dimes early in the week. Within 2 days, he had feedback saying the paricipants were extremely excited at their ability to hold conversations and improve meetings.

Wayne Nelson           wnelson@ica-associates.ca


Location: Chincha Earthquake Recovery

The third major project for Chincha Earthquake Recovery was completed last week with a great celebration for the 320 Community Kitchens which were transformed into ongoing social structures to support the community in its long-term rebuilding.  The empowerment of the 60 volunteer Promoters was evident as they have taken complete responsibility for the ongoing development of the Kitchens and the continuity of the programs of nutrition and autonomous economic viability.  They have now launched one or more new small businesses in hundreds of the kitchens to both provide income to sustain the Kitchens while serving the immediate needs of their communities. 

The result is a vibrant network of women who are deeply engaged in their communities and providing tens of thousands of nutritious meals every day to their member families.  In addition, the Project built 6 demonstration modern quincha buildings which look and feel as strong as cement, yet cost half as much, and the people themselves can build them to solve their permanent housing needs. 

The staff now has in hand request forms from over 3,000 families requesting to build these houses, and we are moving ahead to secure the necessary funds to train and support them in this urgent venture.

Now there are two more projects in process to assist the recovery, all based on the same principal of training the people themselves to do their own rebuilding.  This approach is working miracles here, and it can be done anywhere there is the need, using the proven ICA methods to equip people for a new start in life.

Staff           admin@ica-peru.org


Location: Manchester

I am pleased to confirm that the 2008 ICA European Interchange will be hosted again by ICA Belgium at their training centre in Brussels, on the weekend of October 31-November 2 - starting with dinner at around 6.30pm on Friday and closing at about 2pm on Sunday after lunch.  

This is our annual opportunity to gather together as a continent to share news and views from our ICAs and our countries, to get to know each other better, to feel part of a vibrant European  global network, to allow opportunities for discussion, support and collaboration between organisations and individuals, and to have some fun together! 

So far we are expecting ICA Belgium, ICAUK, ICA Netherlands and ICA Spain to be represented in person, and ICA Germany to participate remotely and I hope that Bospo ICA Bosnia may be able to participate somehow as well, and that others from beyond Europe may participate either remotely or in person en route to the ICA global conference in Japan.

Everyone with an interest in ICA in Europe is welcome - please join us! PLEASE LET ME KNOW whether you plan to attend, or if you would like to join us remotely via Skype, and what are your priorities for how we spend our time.  I anticipate that we might spend time on some or all of the following but do let us know what you would like...

- reports from our ICAs and each other
- opportunities for mutual support  collaboration,
- recent developments in ICAI and input to the ICAI General Assembly in Japan in November
- plenty of Belgian beer, mussels  chocolate!

The cost for the whole weekend wil be E150 Euros, including Friday dinner, Friday  Saturday bed  breakfast, Saturday  Sunday lunches, and a contribution toward meeting space, materials  snacks and other incidental costs.  Saturday dinner will be extra, and the cost could be up to around E30 depending on where we decide to eat. 

Please contact ICA Belgium for costs if you would like to attend for more or less than the whole weekend. To confirm your place, please book direct with the ICA Belgium training centre - mention the ICA European Interchange to book one of the rooms reserved for us, and pay by credit card for the nights and meals you will stay. 

Tel. 32 02 219 0087 or Email info@icab.be.

I look forward to seeing you there! 

All the best, Martin (Gilbraith)           martin@ica-uk.org.uk


location: Montréal

Lambert returned from Accra this week, where he was participating in the UNFCCC “Accra Talks” climate change conference. During the conference, Lambert attended a 3-day civil society meeting, where more than 700 NGOs and civil society groups discussed aid effectiveness and reductions of greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD). He also took advantage of this trip to promote the ICA global conference and spend some time visiting ICA Ghana.

Sarah has been working on securing funding from AUCC’s Partnerships for Tomorrow program to travel to Bosnia and Tajikistan for capacity building workshops. Special thanks goes out to our colleagues in these countries for their hospitality and help with coordinating her visit.  

Preparation for the conference continues, as Jane continues with fundraising and Mike & his wonderful volunteers work on registration, budget and logistics. If you have not already completed your registration, you may do so by going to https://apollon.nta.co.jp/ica2008-ejr/. If you would like to donate to the international scholarship program and/or make a general contribution to the conference, you can do it easily by going to http://allmembers.org/donatejapan/.