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Weekending: Saturday 2008 09 06


Location: Dhaka

Naimul, Fuad, Alamgir, Nasrin and Aziz had a meeting on 04 September on office management. On 6 September Aziz and Naimul worked for accounts for audit report.

Fuad and naimul have been working hard for Japan Conference. On 11 September they are collecting papers for visa.

Dr. Aman, ex chairman of ICA Bangladesh is currently visiting Sydney and he is going to meet some organizations which he will approach for funding for HIVAIDS. As our director of HIVAIDS program, a letter of request is sent to him to find opportunies. GFC report is already sent to Andrey. Hard copies are being sent soon.

Naimul           admin@ica-bangladesh.org


Location: Canada

Jo Nelson facilitated a workshop for a taskforce of the York District Schoob Board.

Bill Staples facilitated a planning workshop for Woodgreen Community Services, one of the social service organizations in our neighbourhood.

Duncan Homes continues to facilitate workshops for the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission.

We spent several days this week in a planning retreat. We are working on next steps in our programming, organizational growth and organizational operations. One of the breakthrough images for us was to see our organizational future and growth as the core of a network of ToP-ICA focused facilitation groups and individuals operating in collaboration.

Wayne Nelson


Location: Montreal

The labour day holiday on Monday Sept.1 gave us an abbreviated week, but we managed to fill it with much activity.

Work on conference outreach and fundraising continued, with many announcements sent and calls to prospective corporate sponsors.

Michael returned to the office this week and stayed very busy responding to email, continuing preparations for the upcoming conference, and submitting a concept proposal to the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) relating to human development among forest-dependent communities in Central and West Africa.

Lambert continued his stay in Ghana, where he has been attending the Accra Climate Change talks, as well as promoting the Japan 2008 conference and meeting with staff from ICA Ghana and local officials. He will be back in the office this week.

Secretariat staff were excited to welcome Sandra True, a long time ICA member and current member of ICA USA Board of Directors, to the office for an informal visit. We were all happy to be able to take advantage of the opportunity to share some of our news and stories with Sandra, and to hear some ICA lore, and learn about her recent activities working with ICA Uganda on HIV and AIDS issues. We greatly welcome all such visits to our office in Montreal, formal or otherwise.

Mike Watson