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Weekending: Saturday 2008 08 23


Location: Dhaka

ICA Bangladesh did welcome Nasrin Akter, Moniruzzaman Ripon, Hilarius Costa and T M Abdullah Al Fuad to ICA Bangladesh as new members of ICA Family. Nasrin Akter joined ICA as general member in May 2008. Ripon has been affiliated with ICA Bangladesh since 2004 as associate member. He joined as general member in August 2008. Hilarius has been associated with ICA since 2004 and his general membership will be effective from August 2008. Fuad has been volunteering with ICA Bangladesh since 2007 and he joined as general membership from August 2008.

Nasrin is the wife of Aziz. She has been the source of spirit for ICA work for Aziz since they got married. By this time she has been supporting Aziz and other members in different activities including office management, training and forums and relations.  Fuad and Khair has been appointed as part-time staff of ICA Bangladesh from August and Spetember respectively. More than 5 members from ICA Bangladesh have already been making efforts to attend the Japan conference. ICA Bangladesh appreciated highly for Japan Conference participation travel Grant and ICA Japan's possible fundraising.



Location: Canada

Jo Nelson facilitated a large workshop for the Alberta Education Department. She used the Scenario Planning method and the social process tringles to locate and plot trends. She facilitated scenario development and a model building workshop to help them develop approches based on their future scenarios.

Duncan Holmes spent the week in Sault Ste. Marie facilitating workshops for the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.

We are in the mids of re-designing our advanced ToP facilitation curriculum. Repackaging course modules to create new courses and a shortened timeline.

Wayne Nelson           wnelson@ica-associates.ca


Location: Montréal

We enjoyed a visit early last week from ICA USA Executive Director Nino Tillman. It was terrific to meet each other and share our organizational experiences & visions.

Lambert has left to participate in UNFCCC’s Accra Climate Change Talks 2008 conference in Ghana, with thanks to the World Rainforest Movement for their sponsorship. He is taking this opportunity to talk to international delegates about participating in our own upcoming 7th global conference in Japan.

Katie and Jane have been sharing a quiet office with the rest of the team away. Jane is busy with outreach for the conference – identifying and approaching possible sponsors, as well as the ongoing scouting of funding opportunities for ICAI.

We have received several new nominations for the Board of ICAI. Stay tuned for more information from the electoral committee!

Katie           info@ica-international.org