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Weekending: Saturday 2008 08 16


Location: Dhaka

August 2008 monthly taskforce meeting was held at 430pm on 17 August at Achievers Internaional office. Four taskforces discussed their agenda including office management, projects and funding, training and forums and relationships. Some measures were taken to activate office activities with ICA Australia donation for office and staff support.

ICA Bangladesh is relocated to new office at Nahar Plaza in Dhaka on 9 August 2008. Naimul and Alamgir volunteered for office shifting. ICA Australia has raised funds Aus 5000 dollars for office and staff support and Aus 1000dollars for Japan conference travel grant. ICA Bangladesh acknowledged the contribution with great recognition and appreciated for the support in right and critical time. ICA Bangladesh members has also wished greetings on 40th Wedding Anniversary of Maria and Richard. They also appreciated the fundraising initiatives of the couple for supporting ICA Bangladesh. ICA Bangladesh is very grateful for Maguires.



Location: Toronto

Here's a brief rundown of the busy week-that-was for our staff.

ICA Canada was happy to welcome Charles Luoga, of ICA Tanzania, for a visit this past week. After attending the International AIDS Conference in Mexico City, Charles arrived in Toronto on Monday and spent the week visiting friends, briefing donors at Northwater Capital Management, and working with our Listen to the Drumming program on a joint project.

ICA's involvement with the Toronto Marathon continues to move along at a steady pace thanks to the work of summer intern Kelsey Rideout and Listen to the Drumming co-director Meghan Cox.

Staci Kentish, co-director of Youth as Facilitative Leaders, was in Northern Ontario all week working on the Young Community Leaders project and preparing for its launch.

Friday, sadly, was the last day for our two longtime program directors - Eowynne Feeney from Listen to the Drumming, and Leah Taylor from Youth as Facilitative Leaders. Eowynne and Leah have both had an integral role in the development of these two programs over the past year, and their presence will be missed here in the office.They are both, however, moving on to bright futures. Eowynne is beginning law school in September at Queens University in Kingston, ON. She hopes to focus on intellectual property and access to medicine. Leah is starting graduate school in September at McMaster University in Hamilton, ON. She will be doing a master's degree in globalization studies and then, possibly, pursuing a Ph.D.

The rest of the ICA Canada staff would like to wish Eowynne and Leah the best of luck with their studies, and hope that they will remain involved with ICA Canada in some capacity in the future.

Gabby Resch


Location: Lima-Chincha

This week we began the distribution of the small business capital for the 320 Community Kitchens we are working with in Chincha urban area, and next week we will be hearing reports from the Kitchens about the new businesses that they have started.  There is a huge amount of excitement now that the leadership of the Kitchens see that they can be self-supporting and no longer dependent on food donations.

To cap off the week we had our Annual Meeting and received 17 new Associates into ICA-Peru.  Some great sharing went on between old and new colleagues and everyone had a chance to meet our new staff members and get caught up on the huge amount of programming we have in motion.  It was an absolutely delightful evening for all.

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Location: Chicago

On July 24, 2008, ICA USA held its first of three Local Conference Workshops in Chicago, Illinois, in preparation for the 7th Global Conference on Human Development in Takayama, Japan in November. Almost 40 people shared their insights on the topic of The Persistence of Poverty in this half-day session, which was facilitated by ICA Taiwan Director Larry Philbrook, Kathy McGrane, Sheila LeGeros and Ed Feldmanis.

Directly following the conference, a reception was held to honor the completed life of longtime ICA supporter Audrey Ayres. Audrey's family was happy to share photographs and stories of Audrey's life with all the celebrants in attendance.

On September 20, the second ICA USA Local Conference Workshop will be held in Troy, New York, and will be hosted by Dorcas and Kenneth Rose. The third workshop will be held in Sausolito, California, and will be hosted by Marcia Jaffe of the Bali Institute for Global Renewal, with the special assistance of  Lela Jahn and Don Bayer.

Cheryl Zaleski


Location: Montréal

Last week Mike and Lambert were able to participate in the launch of the CIVICUS global Conference in Québec City, to be hosted by Institut Du Nouveau Monde.

Lambert and Jane held the first Secretary General’s Circle conference call to discuss ICAI’s recent accomplishments and projects for the future with major committed donors. It was great to share ideas and perspectives on the past, present and future of our global organization with some people who care very deeply.

With some of the staff stealing away for a little much needed vacation time, we continue to work steadily on increasing our donor contact base and developing new funding proposals.

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