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Weekending: Saturday 2008 08 02



Colleagues gathered at Winbourne, a Christian Brothers centre located in Mulgoa, NSW for the mid-year retreat and meeting of ICA Australia.  We arrived in Sydney on the heels of the World Youth Day gathering with the airport and street signs still welcoming pilgrims, and a busload of Italian pilgrims left the retreat centre just as we gathered for our opening.  

Our time included a substantial workshop to gather our input on the 10 areas for the Japan Conference, looking at our work with Timor Leste and with various emerging opportunities with indigenous networks. 

We also worked on ways to support ICAs in our region.  We made a visit to the Isbister familys  ecologically self-sustainable home where we were treated to lunch including homemade bread from a wood-fired stove.  Reports from various working teams included the Facilitative Leadership Programs announcement of the successful completion of the first Australasian ToP Certification for 6 people with another 2 near completion. 

We also had a first peek at our new ToP website which is under construction.

Elaine Richmond           emr@iinet.net.au

Location: Sydney

What are the cross cultural communication challenges involved when an Australia-China joint venture gold mine works in partnership with Buyi ethnic minority and Han Chinese villagers who are impacted by the mine?  This is just one issue tackled by researchers from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Guizhou Normal University, who worked with ICA member and social development consultant Lucy Hobgood-Brown. The research teams interviewed five levels of government and conducted household surveys. Findings will be used to develop a sustainable community development strategy for villagers in a county that is designated the poorest in China.

Lucy Hobgood-Brown


Location: Chandpur

Aziz and Nasrin had wedding party in Chandpur on 1 and 2 August. Body termaric evening was on 31st July. More than 400 guests including relatives, friends and colleagues were present on groom's events. Naimul, Shipon, Farhad, Sonia, Junajur, Kabir, Manik from ICA attended the programs.

Manik and Aziz visted ICA Ghoramara Human Development Project village and had meeting with community women and men on its projects in the field of dressmaking, rickshaw, tubewell and leadership training.

Naimul           admin@ica-bangladesh.org


Location: 2008 Global Conference on Human Development

We celebrate the highly successful Kickoff meeting on Saturday, August 2!  Senator Matsuda gave the opening speech, followed by a mini-ToP PSP workshop in each of the focus topics.   Even the usually quiet Japanese so eagerly participated, creating their picture of the world today, what they really want to achieve in the next 10 - 50 years, the obstacles they see they must overcome, and finally, what proposals they suggest will be necessary to what must be achieved. 

Forty people participated, and some committed to recruiting groups of 5 - 10 Japanese people each.  Shizuyo leaves Tuesday for Gifu with Senator Matsuda to encourage people from Gifu and Takayama to attend, to present performances, to volunteer, and to raise funds for this exciting participatory conference!

You all come too!  Sure!

Wayne Ellsworth


Location: Lima

After a couple of days off for Peruvian Independence Day this week, we had a huge amount of activity.  We've now extended the Chincha Cocinas project into new neighborhoods as we have been able to serve more kitchens with the funds available.  Meanwhile the demonstration pre-fabricated permanent constuction examples are being pushed ahead for the visit of the Japanese sponsors on 18 August. 

This week we received notice of funding from the Hans Seidel Foundation for the first leadership training program of 46 to be done over the next three years, and the Director will visit our work in Chincha on Monday.  And on Friday, Carmen Ruiz began her formal work in the office  with much entusiasm as she puts into practice her wonderful training in Montréal.  Thank you ICAI Secretariat for your great assistance!

Staff           admin@ica-peru.org


Location: Montréal

ICAIs volunteer program is growing! A new group of experienced and dedicated volunteers have been recruited to help with preparations for the Global Conference, including background research, promotions and recruitment. They have already shared many insights based on their particular backgrounds and interests and we look forward to our continued collaboration.

The website for the Global Conference also has a few new additions, including a Join the Discussion button on the conference home page that takes you to the Forum discussions, which are getting quite a few hits now. Exchange ideas with people from around the world on a range of human development issues through these easy-to-use discussion boards.

Staff           info@ica-international.org