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Weekending: Saturday 2008 07 26


Location: Dhaka

Afroza, Mehdi, Khair, Naimul and Habib returned on 25 May in Dhaka on completion of the Social Artistry Leadership Training in Nepal.  Ripon, Aziz and Manik found a small place to relocate office immediately and they confirmed renting from August. It is in a business building located in the downtown from which members can have almost same distance from their residences.

Aziz invited all members to his wedding party to be held during 31 July-2 August in Chandpur.

Selina got her passport and now she is preparing for Japan Global Conference. Nicolien is going to sponsor her all costs. Alamgir and Naimul sent letters to all members on 27 July to attend the next taskforce meeting on 15 August in the new office.

Aziz           admin@ica-bangladesh.org


Location: Toronto ON

After spending the previous week in Northern Ontario preparing for the launch of the Young Community Leaders program in Sudbury and North Bay, Staci Kentish and Leah Taylor have been busy back in Toronto. The launch preparations have consumed them both, and they've also been busy fielding applications for YCL Regional Coordinators.

Meghan Cox and Eowynne Feeney, co-directors of Listen to the Drumming, have been plugging away at their midterm report for the Elton John Foundation related to LTTD's project with OPAD. Meghan and Eowynne have also been busy preparing a proposal for the Canadian International Development Agency in partnership with ICA Tanzania. 

This week, we'd also like to introduce a new addition to our staff. Kelsey Rideout, a 3rd year student in International Development at the University of Guelph, joins us as a summer intern. She is very enthusiastic about working on Listen to the Drumming's involvement with the Toronto Marathon this year.

Gabby Resch

MALAYSIA LENS International

Location: Southeast Asia

During the month of July LENS International Malaysia has enjoyed presenting ToP facilitation skills to 4 groups of business managers in Malaysia and India.  The Malaysia national oil company continues to put their change managers through 3-days of ToP facilitation skills and 20 senior managers from each of two companies in an electronic conglomerate in Chennai also participated in the ToP GFM, the 5th and 6th such group to undergo ToP training in the last 4 years.  Last week ended with the group's new venture capital company's 8 principals also taking a one-day GFM to ensure in their words - "well-facilitated brainstorm and discussion sessions".

Ann Epps


Location: Chincha Earthquake Relief

This week Alison Hamje sent out an exciting invitation to over 2,000 English speakers in Peru who would have interest in attending the global Conference in Japan in November.  In addition, a similar Global Conference invitation was sent in Spanish to 348 members of the ICA-Peru mailing list.  All contacts have been invited to a Meet the Delegates evening on Sept. 20th where we will seek to put together a sizable team to attend the Conference.  Then to follow up on this, Carmen Ruiz joins our staff on August first to begin work on funding proposals for the attendance at the Conference.

Meanwhile, a massive amount of materials where distributed this week to better equip the 320 Community Kitchens our current project is supporting in Chincha.  The six low-cost demonstration quincha construction sites are now taking form and generating a huge amount of interest for the potential they demonstrate to replace expensive bricks and concrete with modern wood, cane and adobe mud construction.  Because of their flexible construction, these buildings are 100% earthquake proof and safe, and very affordable, largely because they are made with native materials and can be constructed by the families themselves.  Please see photos attached.

Staff           admin@ica-peru.org


Location: Montréal

Michael met with various interested parties and submitted an expression of interest for a partnership opportunity dealing with conservation and development issues in Canada and Russia.

The Secretariat team worked together to review the 2008 workplan and fine tune plans for the rest of the year. 
Highlights include:
-Official inauguration of ICAI Secretariat in Montréal with representation from staff, board and GA -Coordination of Global Conference with ICA Japan and facilitation and design team
-Development of fundraising database for national ICAs
-International Training Program for Leadership in International Development from May to July
-Hired Development Officer
-Launched Speaker Series on Innovation in Human Development in Montréal

Sarah Farina